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Stats of previous and current applicants to the SD PA program? (2013-2016)

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Hey, I just recently created an account for this forum, but I have been reading every post about Sophie Davis PA program since last year. Can those of you whom have applied to this program, accepted into this program, or finishing this program, provide me with the stats that you initially applied with? Previous university prior to SD, GPA, extra science courses besides the prerequisite minimums, degrees earned prior to acceptance to the program, and lastly your healthcare experience and the amount of hours. I plan on applying in the Fall of 2015, thanks in advance for your time.


P.S. Has anyone heard anything about the transition over to a graduate degree? I'm not asking because I have a problem with the type of degree, I'm asking because when I apply, I will not have my Bachelor's yet and would like to know if I will make it before the transition. 

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When I applied in fall 2009 (for class of 2013), I had all the basic prereqs.



My GPA was 3.5

I had an A.S. in liberal arts studies from QCC

No prior HCE, beside <200hrs shadowing PAs in hospital (which wasn't a requirement to apply), 

I did a summer research program at Stony Brook and undergrad research at QCC

also took Microbio, Calculus, Statistic, Gen Bio 1&2, A&P 1&2 (either Gen Bio or A&P was a prereq, but I had both since I wanted to apply to many schools). 



I graduated in 2014 (since I failed 1 class). Things may have changed since, so check with their updated prereqs as the school is on going transition to award master's degree. Regardless, it's a great program to graduate from and with a stellar track record.

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