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Good morning,


I live in Maryland and am looking in to applying to programs in the next cycle. I am looking for alumni or current students who have insight about the program.


Why do you think the program was put on "probationary accreditation"?


What are the clinical rotations like? Are they nearby to the campus or do you have to travel?


For alums: Did you feel prepared to practice after graduation (what specialty do you work in)? Did anyone do a residency in any specialty after graduating from CCBC? Did you feel you were a competitive applicant?


Would you recommend students consider CCBC?



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Recent graduate - I'll try to answer your questions the best I can 


1. From what we were told the probationary status was mostly due to administrative issues (i.e. record keeping) and some issues with the sequencing of classes which has been changed slightly since the probationary status was placed on us. Should have final word from the ARC-PA regarding our status in September- I'm not too worried about us losing accreditation - the administration has been working hard to remedy issues. 


2. There are many different clinical sites and they all vary so its hard to give you an overall feel for what rotations are like - Rotations will be as good as you make them. Some are "worse" than others but if you go in with a good attitude and are ready to learn you'll be surprised what you learn from even the worst of clinical sites. 

Most sites are pretty close to the school but others will require you to travel - you need to be prepared for this. My furthest rotation was an hour (or more with traffic) from my house. The radius I believe is 100 miles from the school (so they don't really care where YOU live- its based on the schools location). When clinical year comes around you'll get a schedule for your entire clinical year and should plan accordingly. Sometimes things change last minute bc preceptors will go on vacation or suddenly say they cant take students- but thats not the norm. 


3. I've accepted a position but haven't started working yet - credentialing takes forever.  I probably won't start until mid-November due to the time consuming process of getting my Maryland licence, CDS (Maryland controlled dangerous substances), and DEA licence. Keep this in mind when budgeting for school - you wont be able to start the day after graduation- this stuff takes a lot of time! 

As a side note I will tell you I felt well prepared for the PANCE - I took 4 weeks after the completion of clinicals to study and then took the exam - found out last week that I passed. About half my class has taken the exam already and I haven't heard of anyone who has failed. The class before mine had a 100% first time pass rate! 


I would deff recommend the school - I think we're making positive changes and you can't beat the price compared to other schools like GW. 


Hope this helps! 

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Were students from eastern shore transferred into TU to make the class 36 again? 

It appears there was a lot of drop out in 2011-2013 compared to 2015 where all 36 took the exam. 


Jankr, were you supported by your previous year student or was it more between your classmates?

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Hey everyone,
I have an interview coming up here and I was wondering if there were any current PA students or alumni that would be willing to share your thoughts about the program or give me any insight? I would really appreciate it! 

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