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Preparing to move to Nevada

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Hello!  I'm a recent grad from a program in Ohio (University of Findlay).  I have already passed the PANCE and now I am looking at moving out to Las Vegas.  I wasn't sure what the exact specifications for getting my state license and what rules (if any) they have for a brand new PA that has little to no work experience.  I am considering emergency medicine/urgent care and internal medicine as well.  Any advice would be appreciated! 



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Im 5 years late to the thread.  I decided I would put some information in here for people looking at Nevada.  Nevada IS a black hole.  And an island.  5 years ago we couldnt get enough APPs to move here and we were working our arses off.  Now, in Covid, like the rest of the US, the New grads are struggling to find work, (say they) but ARE finding work through rotation connections.   Clinics and hospitals cut hours.  We are creeping along but not recovered and holding our breath.  We have too many providers , not enough hours. 

In the past, there have been a few excellent trained PAs come from out of state to work ICU, (at least where I work) totally capable and started “practicing” (intubation and putting in lines) but were promptly corrected bc docs gets RVUs so territory came into play.  (I dont know where they went but I havent seen them in a while).  Its not as academic here save for UMC trauma and all its associated residencies.  (Im sure ill get some of this info wrong) those guys are a well trained group of docs when they finish residency (locally) and are great to work with.  Theyre use to the city populations and the fairly large psych population who are attracted to lights and sirens of LV. 

On the other hand, some out of state docs come and have never worked with PAs and treat them like scum.  I dislike that breed bc they speak to PAs like they are their personal MAs. Most of them come on board with being more professional but so e stay awful. Across all of the specialties and and in hospitals Sexism is an issue IMO.  (Not like the sexually harassed kind, but the... men speaking down to women and ordering them around in an unprofessional way because they’re used to it , kind of way) 

Men are allowed to avoid female genital pts and say “oh, I did t see that” and they all agree with each other, no e of them saw it but a female is accused of being lazy if she defers a penis pt. And the men will complain about her for the next 6 hrs as we work. Also, Many different cultures converging breed sexism as male dominated or patriarchal cultures heed the “profession code” much less here than any other place Ive been.  Some have a degrading way of speaking to women culturally, dismiss them, wont report results or do not like discussing medicine or deferring/asking anything from a woman provider.  (The female  ICU docs kick ass though and they take no prisoners and put up with none of it). Sometimes you have to remind by occasionally behaving in the same way or ignoring them, or god forbid, mention outloud they are ignoring their assigned area (that might be nationwide.  Ha!) Its almost made me quit a few times as I dont see it changing and its worsening.

A lot of people have come and gone in the past 10 years.  The once long term, close-knit, “doing things out of work gangs” and solid people within the groups we all knew well have fractured, left or quit as Diff IM or ER companies have changed/taken over.  Turnover for all fields of medicine have made it all very money and greed driven as new people come and go.  (Thats prob not just LV.) 

L. Vegas is the biggest little town you might find yourself in. It’s 2 million people, however in the medical community, over time, people find out who you are, get to know you and your reputation will travel with you. If you have a problem in your job it will follow you.  People are married to other providers and work in many different systems and hospitals that are connected.  So if youre good, That can also work in your favor and will follow you.

that’s about all I have for now I’ve clicked on this post many times over the years. I decided to put some information here so it is just a ongoing black hole 🙄😚


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