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Fraud concern? Office with patients primarily referred from lawyers

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Hello- I am a new graduate looking for my first job. I recently interviewed at a practice comprised of both chiropractors and DOs, who treat personal injury, MVA injury, and workplace injury patients. Almost all of their pts are referred from lawyers. I felt good about the position during the interview, but after talking with my family, I am concerned that I could end up possibly being involved in a shady operation. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this?


The concern was that pts could work with a lawyer and (possibly falsely or manipulatively) claim an injury, which would be evaluated by the medical practice. Then the information gained in the evaluation could be used to fraudulently file claims against insurance companies.


I do not want to be involved with fraudulent activity in any way, and especially as a new graduate! Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

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I have taken care of MVA patients and gone to court for them . . . but no more. My biller says that I should continue because they pay well. But for no amount of money will I play these games anymore because it becomes a shell game. I hate that.  I want to help people get well. I don't want to provide the max amount of treatments that the auto insurance will pay for just to generate revenue. I don't want to generate notes just to make the patient look like they are suffering. I don't want to be in the position of defending patients that have no desire to get better, only to settle for the largest amount.  It is your call but I wouldn't work for a practice like that for no amount of money.

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Even if the practice is on the up you will deal with shady people. This is a very litigious society and hungry for an easy money score. I wonder what % of people who sue following an MVA are fraud in some what.  So no doubt you will deal with that headache if you choose this practice. What do you want to do long term ? Is it a nice pay check and cushion living (which is fine if it is) but if you want to be in command of medicine a practice so focused might not be a good place to start your medicine career. 

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