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INTRO TO OCHEM (4cr) or OCHEM I+II (8cr)

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Undergraduate seeks advice from practicing PA’s:


Would OCHEM I+II better prepare one for PA school and as a PA professional than a one-semester INTRO TO OCHEM course?


The two-course sequence would keep options open for med school, but would come at a high cost. That is, it would upset the balance of an already-compressed u/g curriculum in 3+2 BS/MPAS program that requires INTRO TO OCHEM only.


If a full-year of OCHEM is better preparation would make for a better PA professional (assuming I do not opt for med school), then this would be very helpful information.


Many thanks for your considerations.

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First this (and other questions regarding preparation for attending a PA program) belongs in the Pre-PA forum


Secondly most programs require either 1 semester of organic chem or 1 semester of biochem. There are a couple that require both orgo and biochem and there are a couple programs that require organic I and II


In other words I would only take the intro course if that is the only program you plan to apply to because of guarunteed entry to the professional phase. If you plan to apply to other programs because entry is NOT guarunteed then you would be better off with Organic I as you would meet the requirements of more programs


Also..for what its worth....the PA students and practicing PAs that I have spoken to state that biochem is more applicable than organic

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