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Hey everyone!


So I was wondering if it looks bad to take a pre-req for the 3rd time?


In my situation, I took orgo 1, a&p2, and psych100 during my 1st or 2nd year. I got C's in all 3 so I took them over again my junior or senior year and got all B's (very close to A's, but I'm coping.. haha). Now that I have graduated from my university I am taking the pre-reqs that I didn't take at my university at a community college. 


Now I know that A's look better than B's so I would like to take that class again for the 3rd time... and for sure I will push myself to the A I want. However... I feel like taking a class for a 3rd time and getting an A in will not be impressive when applying to PA school.


ALSO, I was was thinking about taking orgo 2 (for the first time) and I would like a refresher of orgo 1 before taking that class again after 2 years since I took that class. 





Thank you for your help!

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Remember that getting into PA school is presenting a whole package, not just checking boxes.


It will show more initiative and have the same effect on your GPA to take different science courses (preferably advanced level)  that are pertinent to medicine and get all As on those. Getting an A on a class the third time around is not only unimpressive, but it is also a waste of time and money. Taking additional courses and doing well shows that your goal is to learn medicine, anatomy, physiology, pathology, nutrition, microbiology etc instead of having the goal of GPA only. 

As for taking org chem 1 again to prepare for org chem 2... Maybe you could just audit a org chem 1 course, that way it wouldn't be on your transcripts and you would still get a full review. 
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I can't give you any advice specifically on what you SHOULD do, however, here are a couple of things to consider when making your decision.


1. Is taking the same course a third time going to boost your GPA THAT much?

2. Are you taking the course just because you want the A or are you truly taking it because it will give your overall and prerequisite GPA a bump in order to meet minimums?

3. On one hand, re-taking a course may show initiative but I would think that re-taking a course to get a C and improving getting a B is enough initiative rather than C to B to A...even if it doesn't make that much of a difference in your GPA (especially since CASPA will calculate all the grades in anyway). 


Some programs could look at this in a positive light but others could look at it in a negative light - maybe concerned about your ability in a certain course. Obviously I don't want that to appear as a judgment but something for you to consider. 


Best of luck,


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Not worth it, in my opinion, unless you're on the line.  That is a lot of work to put into one single aspect of a multi-faceted application package.  Also, it may count against you to have the same classes repeated so many times.  Like ddisilvestro asks above: would it even affect your GPA enough to worry aobut?  By the time you are done with your degree, those extra courses may give you a 0.1 point bump.  If it means the difference between a 2.9 and a 3.0, that may be worth while to you.  If not, then I wouldn't bother. 

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Agree with the others; it isn't worth it IMO. Aside from not being impressive even if you get an A, anything less than that A is going to be a serious knock on your application. They're going to be scratching their heads wondering how it's possible to take a course 3 times and not get an A, and then likely round file your app.

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I honestly don't see a huge problem with it.  Be assured they will ask what happened that made you retake the class so many times.  Just be ready with a story that demonstrates personal growth.  Own up to having made a mistake and not done your best work the first two times around.  Then tell them what you learned from your perserverence and how you adjusted your habits/tactics to get the grade you wanted.  While taking the class 3 times may not look good, you could turn it into a positive if you demonstrate in your essays/interviews that you are a fighter and that you learn from your mistakes.




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Moreover, I will offer this anecdotal story about my daughter who was on the way to getting a C in a science class. It was too late to drop the course and university policy was that you could not retake a course in which you had gotten a C or better. Her prof, who knew she was an excellent student, suggested she not take the final and he would give her an F. Then she could retake the course. She took it the following year and got a A. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately NO. CASPA records both grades which gave her a C average for the course. It would have been better for her to take the C in the first place and take another interesting science class. It would have resulted in a higher GPA and broadened her science background.


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Thank you everyone for replying! Also, thanks for the tough love!


I will not take those classes for a third time. Instead, I will take more science classes. In regard to Organic Chemistry 1, I will audit that class one semester and take Organic 2 the following semester. Thanks again, everyone! :) 

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