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Medical Assistant/PA Applicant Looking to Shadow a PA in Long Island, NY

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My name is Jami Treutlein and I am currently looking to shadow a Physician Assistant to prepare for admission to PA school. I currently work as a Medical Assistant for a pediatric group in Woodbury, NY.


Any practicing PAs willing to let me shadow them a few hours a week please contact me at jamirtreutlein@gmail.com or by replying here. Also, if anyone knows a PA in the Long Island area that I can contact please let me know.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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If you don't hear from anybody (which is likely), I would recommend using Google to search out contacts. You can start with your state's PA association and they should have contact information or even better - a mentor list. Here is something that took about 3 seconds to search for:


NY Amityville Surgery Robert Blumm, PA-C Surgblumm@aol.com 631-252-1876



I'm sure there are more sources out there. Good Luck!

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      Thank you!
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