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Hello Everyone!


I am a junior in college. I am going to start my 2nd semester of my Junior year soon. I recently decided to pursue PA path and I am extremely confused. I don't want to take a break between my undergraduate and graduate schooling - do you think that will still be possible even though I decided too late? I do have 125 hours of health care hours - 25 hours of shadowing and 100 hours of volunteer so far. My goal is to work as a Medical Scribe this coming summer as well to gather some patient hours. Will it be ok if I mostly have just volunteer and shadowing hours? What should be my goal for my hours? 


Also, when should I start working on my application for PA school? I heard mixed things - some people have said that it is like medical school and need to start a year early while others have said I can do it in spring if I want to start college in fall. Which one is true? 


Thank you for all your help! 

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First of all, this completely depends on the PA program(s) you would be interested in applying to. Programs have varying requirements, including healthcare experience. One program may require 1,000 hours of paid experience and 50 hours of shadowing, the next program may require 2,000 hours of paid experience, and another program may require 2,000 hours and accept any form of experience. With that said, the first step you need to take is begin researching PA programs. Once you have completed that step, you can begin to consider what you next step will be in terms of obtaining healthcare experience. 


Scribing is great experience in some cases but again, this depends on the program. Some will accept it, some will not because it really depends on the specific job and what your duties are. For programs that require paid, hands-on care without exception, this may not be enough. 


In regards to your application, PA school application is like medical school in terms of it being a central application, however, you can NOT start an application a year before you are ready to actually apply. The CASPA application is open from April-March each year and closes down in March until April when it opens again. If you begin an application without the intent to submit it, that information will not carry over to the new year and all your work will be lost. You can read more about the application process here: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/.


I am happy to help you with questions if you should have any, my email is in my signature below. 


Best of luck,


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Totally agree with ddisilvestro.  Be sure to "vet" the school you want to apply too. Every school will have different requirements. As for as healthcare experience, you should probably shoot for 1000 hrs. minimal. PA school is very competitive and you will be going up against medics and nurses with years of experience.


As a  side note, keep a journal of all your volunteer, work, and other experiences. This will make you application much easier.


Best of luck in your PA journey!

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The PA profession was created as a means to give already-experienced healthcare providers a means to work under a physician.  Be definition, nearly all programs out there will require a significant amount of hands-on patient care (Western U in Pamona, CA prefers no patient experience, by contrast); the only way to acheive some program's required experience of 1000-2000 hours is by working.


You may consider holding off your decision to go into this field, until after you have accumulated a few hundred hours of patient care.  Day to day life in a hospital setting, especially primary care, can be wrought with a lot of really un-sexy tasks like calling in medications to Wal Mart's pharmacy, reading through pages-long hospital discharge orders to find follow-up recommendations, waiting around for lab results or a bed to open up for hospital admission, reconciling lists of prescriptions, putting up with angry patients who cannot be perscribed narcotics but are demanding them anyway, etc etc.  Each institution will have its own bureaucratic processes which will eventually drive you nuts; it is only by experiencing this first hand that you can make an informed decision.  Scribing is a great job, but some institutions will not accept it as hands on patient care.  I do mean to condescend, this advice comes from my own personal perspective - take it all with grain of salt and bite of lime.


As a short answer, it is possible for you make it into a program that either does not require experience or something along the lines of 500 hours.  Your remaining summer will be a good time to knock this out.  I am planning to apply for the 2015-2016 cycle and I began preparing around late fall 2014.  Letters of recommendation and entering transcript grades by grade can take a little while but you have plenty of time.  Be aware that CASPA will only carry over certain elements of the application from one cycle to the next, and will not carry over anything from one cycle to, the cycle AFTER next.


Best of luck to you!  You may think you are a little late in the game, but (if you are a traditional college student, which sounds the case) than you are about 10 years ahead of people like myself.

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former ed scribe here.


i agree with every reply in this thread so far with emphasis on how scribing is amazing pre-pa school experience, but some schools don't acknowledge it.


also, even if you're an amazing applicant, applying in spring time for fall matriculation is pretty ballsy in my opinion.

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    • By Mhodson014
      Hey guys!!!
      So I am so excited to be applying to PA school this round! 
      I am working on my supplemental essays and one of the schools I am applying to wants an essay based off of my life experiences. They specifically state that this is different from the personal statement and that it should be based on my life history and experiences in 3200 characters.
      I am kind of confused on where to begin..
      Is it okay to include things from high school and my childhood?
      Also good luck to everyone applying this round!!!
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      Hey! If anyone has any questions regarding PA school or their application please don't hesitate to let me know!
      I applied to 9 schools, got accepted to 1, waitlisted at 4 schools and denied to 4 schools.
      When I was applying there were not many resources to find other students who were accepted with low GPAs to see what they have done, so I just want to help out as much as possible. This is a very stressful part of an individual's life and having someone to relate to can definitely help out.
      If anyone feels uncomfortable commenting their questions on here or need a super fast response, feel free to message me on my instagram as well: Naisphan
      Right now, I'm a volunteer pre-pa mentor for two community colleges in my neighborhood.
      I don't want to make this a super long post but a quick overview of my statistics:
      cGPA: 3.1
      sGPA: 3.01
      Last 60 credit hours: 3.8
      PCE: 2600
      HCE: 1500
      Shadowing Hours: 144
      GRE: Did not take
      There is so so so much more than just the numbers. I really mean that. I have spoken with a whole bunch of PA admissions committee members directly at multiple schools about my application and also what they're looking for in potential applicants. I've also spoken to many students and pre-pa mentors as well to help me throughout the process.
      With my low GPA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it into school but with the help of my mentors I was able to craft a great application.
      Don't be discouraged at all, there are so many things to do to make your application much better!!! It really is a holistic application and as long as you reach the minimums, anything is possible from there. Again, AMA either here or on my instagram page!!!
    • By mly3025
      Hi everyone. I am currently applying this cycle with these stats.
      According to my calculations:
      cGPA = 3.12
      sGPA = 3.23
      These grades are the combined total of all my classes, including undergraduate (cGPA 2.88 and sGPA 2.96). I took post-bac classes (53 credits) and received A's in all them, which include major pre reqs required by most PA schools. For one year, I worked full time while taking courses. 
      GRE = 309 total. 154 Quant (55th percentile) 155 Verbal (69th percentile) and 5.0 writing (93rd percentile) 
      Total PCE ~ 4057 hours for about 2 years of working full time + per diem. I am continuing to work full time so this number will increase.  
      Total HCE/Volunteer  ~ 100 hours at a senior center 
      Shadowing ~ 585 hours (480 of which was during work hours where I would directly work with a PA throughout my shift) 
      Leadership role as a board member of a student association group and extra curricular's involving dance choreographer during my time as an undergraduate student. I may also be TA-ing microbology or anatomy this spring. 
      I feel strong in my letters of recommendations and am currently in the process of trimming and editing my personal statement draft. I am continuing to shadow PA's after work now that my school semester is over, but I do not think its a good idea for me to continue taking courses since it would require a bunch of other classes to bump my GPA up even higher. Besides this, what can I do to stand out more and make myself a better applicant to offset my low GPA?
    • By aking129
      I am feeling unsure as to whether or not I will get into PA school. I have a bachelor's degree in Public Health Science. My cumulative gpa is a 3.92 and my science gpa is a 3.8 with 61 science course credits. I have 1,000 hours of patient contact currently from working as a physical therapy aide during undergrad. I am taking a gap year and working 36 hours per week as a medical assistant and also taking weekend shifts as a physical therapy aid to reach approximately 3,000 hours when I apply next year. I also have about 200 hours of other related experience through working as a medical receptionist and volunteering and have 100 hours from shadowing. I have about 500 hours of volunteer experience from a service trip for income equity, a social justice student group, volunteering with a group that works to fix low-income health disparities, an LGBTQ+ community health clinic, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the philanthropy committee for my sorority. I am doing research with a nearby medical school and will have about 300 hours of research experience at the time I apply (this is a volunteer position). I was a teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology II for two years. I served as the president of a student organization and the vice president of the same organization, a program lead for a social justice organization, and I was the chair of philanthropy for my sorority. Other extracurricular involvements included Students Engaged in Public Health,  Sigma Kappa Sorority, Maryland Public Interest Research Group, Maryland Leadership Education and Development, and Ballet Company M. I am mostly concerned that I have not taken enough science credits and do not have enough patient contact. Are there other things I should work on to strengthen my profile? Should I take more science classes? Should I consider a master's in a science field? I studied public health because I am truly passionate about approaching patient care from this perspective and want to work in health administration health policy in addition to patient care, and I plan to explain this in my personal statement.
    • By Melissa10490
      Hi Everyone,
      I am applying to PA schools this year. Here are some statistics about me
      3.0-3.1 Science GPA
      3.5 Cumulative GPA
      About 700 Volunteer Hours
      60 Shadowing hours of PA (3 different specialities)
      12 Hours of Shadowing a NP
      2,500 Direct Patient Care Experience as a CNA
      1st generation student (first to go to college)
      Honors student, along with being a peer mentor.
      How many schools do you think I should apply to?
      Sadly, my science GPA is low because I received a C+ in genetics, and a D in ochem, now retaking Ochem and more than likely will receive anything in the C Range.
      All my other pre-req's are all A's and Maybe 1 B or 2.
      Attended Pre-PA conference.
      Have not taken the GRE yet, but severely worried.
      Input? If you have been participating in cycles, please include some of your stats and the outcomes.
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