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Hi Danny,


  I have an OGPA of 2.9 (last 60 SH was about 3.8).  SGPA of 3.7.  Thousands of hours of volunteering, a few hundred hours of PA shadowing.  Approx 5k hours of medical work.  I am in the Army, with medical experience in combat hospitals in Iraq.  I also work part time at an emergency room. 


  Since I had a low overall GPA, I had to talk about my immaturity as an undergrad and how I progressed to become a better student.  I also believe my experience has also help me standout as candidate.  If you get the interview, its all about demonstrating your passion in becoming a PA.  So make sure you know as much as you can about the profession.  Good luck.   

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Thank you, I am very excited to start school.


Having a low overall GPA is huge blackmark on your application.  I had to explain myself in my essay and interview, which takes up valuable space/time to talk about other things.  I explained how I went to college, for the experience of college.  I had no ambitions after college except to graduate.  It wasn't until I became a Medic, that I realized that I wanted to be a PA.  With a purpose and a goal I went back to school and did very well.  If your grades you earned in college does not represent your potential, you just need to explain what happened, and demonstrated improvement.   


I am just grateful that their are a few schools (such as Touro) who looks at the whole picture and takes the last 60 SH into consideration.  If you know the history of the profession, PA students were usually selected on their advanced healthcare experience.  This is starting to go away and academic history will have the greatest impact for acceptance.  Apply to schools who looks at all aspects of a candidate, to include experience, volunteerism, and personal development.  Some schools I can think of are Touro, Stanford, and MEDEX.  The way you can figure that out is attend the schools open house and ask questions. 

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Ahh thats so many hours! I am in my 3rd year of undergrad and I am just beginning my CNA program at America Red Cross. Should I take a year off after my undergrads so I can increase my HCE?


I would concentrate on school.  Grades are huge for getting into PA school.  If you do not get into PA school the first year, continue to gain to get more HCE.  HCE is easier to get then trying to make up for bad grades.  

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