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Hi, I'm new and wanted to introduce myself and maybe get a little bit of help.

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Hello all,

I'm sorry this is going to be really long but I was hoping you guys to lead me in the right direction.


My name is Rich and I'm from Boston. I'm 26 and have been kicked out of my college for either failing classes or breaking the agreement of my academic probation. Which of those weren't very clear. However, it would seem I need to handle that situation.so here is my story. I started at a local state school near my house and completed my first semester and my heart wasn't into it. I would sleep all day or just not go to class and I got average at best grades. Then the subsequent semesters followed a pattern of my taking four or five classes, then dropping then and finishing maybe one. It went on like that for awhile, until i got put on probation it happened again then I got sent my walking papers.


So that leaves me working overnights and my dreams of being a dr. down the drain. Growing up I was abused in every way imaginable and it has completely messed my life up to the point where I am now.I wanted to do really well in school and I was more than capable of doing so. But something in my head won't allow it. Things I used to love doing I stopped doing. My anxiety got so bad that if someone said they wanted to talk to me I would almost throw up worrying about what it could be. And talking in a class where the professor asked me a question was unimaginable. My girlfriend finally talked me into seeing a dr and a therapist. I have been going for about over a month now. I feel a lot better now. My crippling anxiety and depression has been getting a lot better and I'm happier than I have been in a while. Just a couple months ago I wouldn't make this post to seek out the guidance of what to do because I would have been too afraid. I'm on a couple anti-depressants and a sleeping pill because I couldn't ever sleep or i slept the entire day through.


I've read what seems like hundreds of articles and post about the difference between dr.'s and PA's. After doing so I really want to be a PA now and I feel like I could start going back to school slowly. My GPA before the probation was 2.3ish with a 2 D's and 1 F I believe. I feel like I could do great when I take those classes over again. That's if my college will let me back in again.


So here are my questions.

1.) Will all the dropped classes keep me out of Northeastern's PA program even if I try and get my gpa up and whatever else I need to do? Also, I want to go to northeastern because it's the only school that isn't 2 hours away and I need my job to be able to live and pay rent.

2.) What things should I be doing to try and get back into college so I can pursue this PA program? Should I try and get my dr.'s to write a letter or something for me? At this point I feel pretty desperate.

3.) Is there a certain GRE score that I should be shooting for if......scratch that.....WHEN I successfully get back into college and bring up GPA up dramatically?


Any other advice would be fantastic.


Thanks so much for reading this long post and trying to help me out. I appreciate it dearly.


Kid From Boston

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The only really useful answers to those questions will come from the program(s) you wish to attend. Start by looking at their web site(s) and contacting their admissions personnel. They are typically very willing to share the average qualifications of the applicants they accept. Also, please take a look at the accepted applicants threads here.

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Thanks guys,


@rev ronin It's not that I want to be a doctor but can't. I didn't mean for my post to come off like that. Like I stated in my post, I started reading about the difference of what I PA and a dr. does. And I think I would be a better fit for a PA.



Yeah I am definitely going to try to do the dr.'s note idea and see what will come of that. I am trying to work on me right now. But I'm still a sophomore so I have some time to help myself and try to clean up transcripts I hope. I'm going to see if I can take some night classes and slowly start there.


Thank you so much for replying and trying to help. It means a lot.

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