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Hey all -


I am a current 2nd year PA student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.  I am interested in moving to Denver after I graduate.  I am not in a position to do full clinical rotations in the Colorado area due to finances, but I am hopeful I can meet a surgeon or surgical PA in the Denver area that is willing to allow shadowing on one Friday or on a weekend each month.  My interests thus far are in dermatology, cardiology, neurology and urology (all very different, I know...).


My best friend lives in Denver and I plan to drive out to Denver and stay with her for several 3-day weekends during my next few semesters.  My hope is to be able to shadow a physician or PA in the Denver area on Fridays/weekends while I'm visiting the area.  If there is anyone willing to allow me to sit in on clinic days here and there, I would greatly appreciate it!  Please contact if so.  My phone number is 816-853-0388, and email is ag4h9@mail.umkc.edu.


Thank you!


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