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Application cycle 2014-2015, Post your stats!

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  • Human Anatomy with Lab-B
  • Human Physiology with Lab-B
  • Microbiology with Lab-B
  • Introductory or General Chemistry-A
  • Intermediate Algebra-Stats, B-
  • English Composition-B
  • Introduction to Sociology or Introduction to Cultural Anthropology-A
  • Introduction to or General Psychology-A

3 years experience as an ER tech, 2 years as a 911 medic & 9 months as BLS IFT with approximately 5,300 hours.


3.3 cumulative GPA, 3.0 science.  Recently completed B.S. after application deadline, but showed in progress.


LOR from PA, ED manager, Clinical Supervisor & Operations Supervisors


With invites for interviews approaching, just trying to gauge how my stats hold up against those applying and those who have previously applied and been interviewed/accepted.

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