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I actually work at FMU and interviewed with 7 others in the first interview group for the program in September. I spoke with one of the faculty members today and she mentioned they are still reviewing

I'm interviewing on January 15th too!!!

Today there are exterior walls and windows! They've been busy this weekend apparently   Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk    

I'm still waiting to hear about requirements myself. I'm a Family Medicine resident physician at McLeod Health and one of the reasons I ranked my local program first is that I was excited to be on the ground level of a developing program as a preceptor, guest lecturer etc. I know they've hired a program director and the proposed medical director has a good reputation as director of clinical education for AHEC for quite some time.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about curriculum or prereqs yet. I think it's looking like it will be a fairly traditional program feeding from their undergrad science majors. I have not been able to find out anything about HCE requirements, cost, etc.

I can tell you that our hospital system is outstanding and there is a very strong community health network very close by. Anywhere within a 10-mile radius of Florence is rural/underserved. The Pee Dee has been horribly underserved for a long time and there is a great need for more homegrown PAs and physicians alike. They're graduating their first FNP class soon (not sure I'm impressed with them at all yet...stay tuned).

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Talked with the new PD a couple weeks ago. I like him. He set up the new PA program in Saudi Arabia and has taught at programs in Pittsburgh and I think at Methodist in Charlotte.

At this time he's still doing everything himself. Hasn't gotten green light to hire faculty and staff yet. That concerns me a bit. It was right before spring semester started though so I imagine he will have more info soon.


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How did they contact you about the interview? 

I submitted my application the last week in August. I hope that wasn't too late!! When I asked about the process she said the earliest i could interview would be in October. The first set of interviews will be the end of this month. So that will be the one on Sept 25! Good luck guys.

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How did they contact you about the interview? 

I submitted my application the last week in August. I hope that wasn't too late!! When I asked about the process she said the earliest i could interview would be in October. The first set of interviews will be the end of this month. So that will be the one on Sept 25! Good luck guys.

I received a phone call from the admissions office. After I confirmed that I'd be able to attend, I received an email with details. Good luck! 

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    • By EdeeLeslie
      I'm new to this forum and desperately need the help of people who has knowledge of what it takes to become a PA! I'm a current undergrad student, a sophomore majoring in Global Public Health with a possible minor in Biology. I'm on the road to obtaining all my prerequisites, but I'm really struggling with the patient care experience hours needed. Most schools I'm viewing need 1,000 plus hours which seems insane to me. I feel like most of the jobs acceptable for direct patient care contact are things that need even more schooling, such as an MA or EMT. I've applied many places to become a Medical Scribe, or PT Aide but haven't heard back. Am I doomed to take a gap year after I get my bachelor's? I don't know how to get the needed experience without prior experience. I wrote on all my applications I'm open to complete volunteer work but still nothing. 
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      No idea what these schools want. Rejected from Every school I applied to this year.. seriously wondering if PA is just not worth the time. 
      Here’s my stats since that’s all that these programs seem to care about
      Science GPA 3.65 ( higher than the average matriculant GPA of all schools I applied to )
      Degree: does it matter? BS in biochemistry 
      PCE: around 2,500hrs (EMT)
      Lead author on 4 publications in plant metabolism, does this matter?
      owned my own business prior to starting college, again does this matter?
      Two options 1. Keep working as instructor for EMTs (pay is good but its not that end all be all “healthcare experience” they seem to worship 
       2. Get a masters degree in medical science (basically demonstrating that I can handle the curriculum because my alleged GPA, research papers, and “real” science degree (looking at you psych and ESS majors) Isn’t enough. 
    • By itskimchi
      I'm looking into PA school requirements and have seen that most require Human Anatomy & lab, and Human Physiology & lab. My current university (UCSD) only offers a Human Physiology lecture course. Most of the city colleges I'm looking into in order to fulfill this pre-req only offer Human Anatomy or Human Physiology as a single course of lecture and lab, rather than having separate lecture and lab courses. Do PA schools accept lecture & lab combination courses or do they want each lecture and lab to be a separate course?
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      Hello!  I’m currently a senior biology major working as a medical scribe for a bit over 1 year now. I have accumulated about 1100 hours so far and have a cGPA of 3.63 and a science GPA of 3.36. I also have volunteered at a food bank with about 100 hours during the weekends. As a scribe I chart many aspects of the patient visit including vitals, HPI, physical exam and future plans. I also occasionally assist the provider with small tasks such as cerumen flushing in internal medicine or taking an US in a rheumatology setting. I have been researching PA programs to apply to and focusing on those that list scribing as PCE.  I am worried that this experience alone may not be enough as some schools don’t mention scribing as true PCE and I don’t feel I am able to gain another experience as I am currently studying for the GRE, working 3 times a week and will begin my next school semester soon. During my gap year after I apply I will have more time to find another part time job but this won’t be reflected on my application.  Will I still have a chance at being accepted into a program next cycle and if not what else do you recommend I do prior to applying? Thanks for any help you can provide. 
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