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Feedback on new grad hospitalist offer

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Hi all,


I'm a current student, and was just offered a position at a teaching institution in the midwest as a hospitalist PA. I hope to get some feedback from those of you who are more experienced than I. I think most of these offers I read about on the forum are great because they are all more money than I could have ever dreamed someone would pay me. I've outlined the major details of the position below. What am I forgetting to think about? Seems like a great package to me, but wanted to run it by some more eyes first.



7 days on/7 days off. No extra CME or personal PTO as I'd have 26 weeks off in the year.

PA group creates own schedules and everyone can claim 3 weeks to have off each 6 months.

Take admissions until 4:00 on 6 days/week, until 7:00 on the other day.

Rotate through an evening shift taking calls on all pts + any new admissions from 4:00pm until midnight.



$90k salary

$10k signing bonus to cover PANCE, DEA, licensure, etc.

$15k relocation (not sure if this is up front lump sum or reimbursed based on services needed)

$2250 CME each year, can rollover one year.


Unsure if DEA, licenses, recertification, etc are covered on ongoing basis. Will follow up on this.

401K - 1:1 matching for first 4%. 50% matching for next 1%. 100% vested immediately

Retirement fund - they contribute 5-10% of my salary based on hospital financials annually. 

Health insurance would cost me $65/month for single coverage. $1000 deductible. 20% copay.

Dental - $10-$20/month - covers all standard/preventative exams



Had a chance to spend several weeks with them on rotation and I left with the impression it would be a very good learning environment. Theres a few teams, each with a doc and a PA, who are there at the same time. They're not looking to plug a hole in their staff and it seems like a very supportive environment. Docs are happy to provide mentoring and guidance when you need it and let you manage patients when you are comfortable doing so.



annual review for salary increase

asked me to sign a non-compete - don't know details of it yet



I am very excited about the offer and as of now intend to work for this hospital, but like I said earlier, wanted to get an idea of things to look further into.


Thanks for your feedback!


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Sounds just about perfect except for the non-compete.

Have a health care attorney review the contract language on that. If there are other competing hospitals nearby it may be reasonable (kinda sorta) but if it restricts you from changing to other specialties in the same hospital system then not cool.

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Sounds just about perfect except for the non-compete.

Have a health care attorney review the contract language on that. If there are other competing hospitals nearby it may be reasonable (kinda sorta) but if it restricts you from changing to other specialties in the same hospital system then not cool.

Thanks for your input. I'll get some more information on the details of that clause.

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I understand the benefits of working 7 on 7 off but in a side by side comparison with a traditional 40hr work week you still need PTO.


As offered you will be scheduled to work 84 hours every two weeks and no time off.

Under a traditional schedule you are scheduled to work 80 hours every two weeks and in most case you have at least two weeks of PTO.


As offered you will work more than 175 hours over and above what some one with a traditional work schedule with PTO does each year.


Am I missing something?

Is this typical for a PA?

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many positions with either rotating schedules or flex time don't offer lots of PTO.

on paper I have 2 weeks of paid vacation/yr but generally take those 2 + 4 more unpaid just by scheduling the days off (I work my normal # of shifts but compress them to get more free days off/month). I do a major conference or 2/yr, a medical mission for 9-10 days/yr, and for the last 3 years have done a 1 week summer institute/yr for my grad program.

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      Offered a 1-year contract for $48/hr, 36 hours/wk, work 8AM - 5 PM (1 hr for lunch flexing every other Friday), no weekends or holidays, no call. Paid bi-weekly. Compensation while training will be $25/hr for the first 4-weeks of employment, increasing to $30 thereafter (no longer than 12 weeks) with a retention bonus after 1-year to compensate for pay-cut during training period.
      Productivity bonus begins after 1-year of employment: annual bonus of 5% of the aggregate amount in excess of 3x calculated annual salary.
      PTO - 83.2 hours (2 weeks) covers vacation, sick leave, CME travel; increases to 3 weeks after 1-year
      Annual stipend - $1,000 covers licensure, CME (to include travel and lodging expenses), uniforms, dues, books.
      401k - dollar for dollar matching up to 4%
      Malpractice insurance - provided but no details written in the contract; verbally told that there is no tail coverage but did not seem to know if policy was claims made vs occurrence.
      No dental, health, vision. Currently covered under spouse's plan. 
      Restrictions: no moon-lighting, 2-year non-compete with other derm offices within a 20 mile radius.
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      PTO - 84 hrs; plus 3 months maternity leave through disability
      CME $1500
      401K - 100% vested after 1 year, 3-6% match after 1 year
      Profit sharing - 1500 hours (not really sure what this means...need to do some research)
      Malpractice insurance - occurrence policy. No tail coverage.
      Health insurance provided.
      Licensure fees, membership dues covered.
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