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General Surgery Procedures

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Endoscopic vein harvesting for CABG.


PAs can't perform an entire procedure without a surgeon in the suite. Surgeons have earned the right to do the surgery with 4 years of residency minimum. PAs get to earn the trust of the surgeon (usually after many years) and may get to do some important things, but never start to finish alone in the OR.

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    • By Natalie6190
      Here are the details of my offer. There really wasn’t much to it and I have no idea where to start with negotiations and what I need to bring up. My concern is that the salary is a little on the low side. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!

      Details include: 
      92k salary 
      24 days PTO 
      5 days CME
      2k CME 
    • By MediMurphy
      Hi there! I am a new graduate that recently accepted a general surgery job from a local metro hospital. I will have the opportunity to perform a lot of procedures and with time a lot of autonomy. I am excited, but I am also aware of all that I don't know and still have a lot to learn. Is there any advice or textbooks any of you could give? I was a scrub tech for years before attending PA school, so the OR life is like home to me.
    • By kit17
      So I have graduation coming up soon, and have recently been offered a job in general surgery. I'm in a state that does not have the best median salary for PA's.
      The offer is 80k for first 6 months, then 85k for next 6 months, then 90k after 1 year. After 6 months I can begin to collect a bonus of 1% of my supervising physician's net collections which is paid out quarterly. I should also add that they've agreed to pay me a monthly stipend of $1,000/month until graduation, which would total $5,000. They are offering full benefits, $1500 + 1 week off for CMEs, & 10 vacation days (will go up to 15 days after 1 year). 
      It's a very busy job with long hours but I love the physician and love surgery. I learn so much every day. I guess I am just looking for reassurance that this is a respectable offer. I was honestly expecting to start out higher than 80k, but since there is a guaranteed salary raise plus the bonus it seems like a good compromise. 
      Any thoughts?
    • By ere223
      I am a new grad looking for work in Eastern Kentucky. After a rotation with a surgeon, I was offered a job this December and am now graduating. He is the only practicing surgeon in our county and is looking to hire a midlevel to help lighten the load- he and staff have never had a PA/NP before. He sees my first year or two as a learning experience and expects to work closely with me; I will have 3 days a week in the clinic and 2 surgery days. He said he expects to treat me as a resident during this time. He would like to split call between us equally. A large company owns our hospital and has extended me this offer
      Salaried position at $38.61/hr (around 80,300 annual)
      No incentives for taking call
      Option to pay into dental, vision and health insurance (around $80 total from what I can see)
      No ear marked CME (HR said I have to ask my clinical manager and see how much they will contribute)
      PTO includes holidays, but they have not provided more info this
      401(k) with matching for first 1% and match half of next 5%
      * no contract has been offered- HR said they only contract "providers" not midlevels
       No word on liability or licensing fees
      I was hoping to recieve some help from this awesome community on how to proceed. I LOVE this office and the hospital staff and genuinely want to take the offer, but I also want to be fairly compensated for my work. During my rotation I was working around 65 hrs/week so this offer seems a little low if I am to continue working in a similar fashion. All of my classmates have been recieving contracts, it seems a little odd to me not to- I feel really uncomfortable working without that safety net. Any words of wisdom or advice on how to make this work would be excellent.
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