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I interviewed on the 21st.

Should we start a Facebook page as well. That way we know what each other looks like and can feel free to share slightly more personal information about ourselves?

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Have you all heard? They are starting an online version of this degree at Yale next year. Well, it will have the Yale name but your classes are online and your clinicals are outside of the Yale system. Same price, same degree, and no need to move to New Haven!!! I can't think of an easier way to get an Ivy League degree! 

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If you think that is going to be an "easy" way to get a degree you are mistaken. The discipline required to put in a 60 hour a week program from home is tremendous. The YALE PA program holds students to a very high standard and distance students will tackle the same examinations. Additionally, the PA program at yale received over 1000 applicants for a class of 40. Will likely expand numbers a bit for distance program but the number of applicants will increase dramatically because of this new innovative program.

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      Hi everyone I figured I would start this chat for accepted class for now until an official Facebook group is made. CONGRATS! Can't wait to meet all of you.
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      If you have 3 people send letters of rec to CASPA but a school only requires 2; does CASPA randomly choose 2 out of your 3 to send to that school that only requires 2? That would sort of be unfair if you had 2 PAs and 1 professor send in LORs, and lets say the school requires: 1 from a professor and 1 from a PA... what if CASPA randomly chooses the 2 from the PAs. Then it looks like you never got one from a professor? Am I missing something here? 
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      kaplan question bank for sale. almost 2 full weeks left. message me for more details 
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      Took the PANCE august 14 and waiting on results... whats the average wait time?
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