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Japanese Speakers?

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Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese or know anyone that does but I would love to go over and help. Have been looking for groups going over but haven't had much luck. If you need an English speaking PA though, I am at your service!


Thanks for your offer. I think the group now has such a pool of people who they've worked with before (Pakistan, Haiti) that they have plenty of English-speaking providers. I will not even offer to go to take up space (besides I'm a headache guy, but who hasn't forgotten all his ER work) but the urgent need is for people who speak the language. Thanks. If anyone knows of a Japanese speaker, please send me a private message!

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I'm out for this one because I'm at a conference in florida for the next week and working back to back shifts for the rest of the month to make up for it when I get back. I wouldn't feel right asking my partners to cover for me for so long after coming back from a quasi-vacation...

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