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Hey guys,
I matriculated into this program last May. We've completed the first summer semester so far, and I am currently in the Fall semester here at Tech.
I applied to about 7 other schools, got 4 interviews and ended up in Midland, Texas. Not going to lie, but housing is kinda expensive, water sucks and I don't know where to recycle my glass cans.. but Iooking back, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Although the school is segregated from the main campus, being in Midland really helped me concentrate. There are no distractions.. not much to do. There are about 2 starbucks here, and whenever you plan to study outside of your apartment, about a third of the class is at that SB right with you. But whenever our class finds a free weekend, we get together at bars, outdoor drive ins, indoor theatres, .. and you really learn to appreciate the little things.

Professors are great. They really care and will spend their time to make sure you understand the information.


Best thing about Tech is that the class (both the 2nd years and fellow classmates) will look out for you. It's like a little family we have here and although it's not at the greatest location, the program definitely doesn't lack the hospitality and support that I believe we all need to get through the rigorous didactic year.

Here's our class video we put together: Enjoy!

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I am in the current class and the one with the white coat on in the posted video above haha.  I am from Kansas and agree with all the above about not really liking Midland all that much but like they said above I really believe it helps because we are here for education not for the night life so I also see it as a benefit.  There are no distractions and when you do get time to have a little fun, you really don't care where you are at because you are just happy not to be studying!!

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First, Congrats on completing the program! No easy task indeed.


Do you mind sharing what are some of the positive changes happening?

Nice job on the video! Recent grad here. Housing did suck and I wasn't personally a fan of Midland but the program was solid and there are a lot of good changes happening that almost make me wish I had gone through a couple years later.

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Ahh...the good ol' days of wind storms blowing red sand through the drafty old windows on 2438 Whitmire Blvd!


I didn't attend, but my Wife did. She loved the school and the staff. Her class and the senior class had a great bond.


Midland isn't terrible, but not great.


As mentioned above, I too would love to hear about some of the upcoming changes. I am planning to attend a TX school in the future. First pick would be UTMB, followed by TTUHSC ot UTSA (all based on current geographical situation). I actually liked TTUHSC just as well as the larger market schools I've visited.


Thanks in advance!

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