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WISCONSIN: Concordia University 2014-2015 cycle

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I will also be interviewing in the morning session on Saturday! Can't wait to meet everyone! Does anyone want to meet up tomorrow night before the interview? It would be nice to see a familiar face the next day. My guest was also unable to come.

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    • By mmjpa
      I am looking for online or in person (not hopeful for this at the moment) shadowing opportunities in the La Crosse area. Anywhere in Wisconsin would be amazing as well. 
    • By JackB
      I am going to be a senior neurobiology student at UW Madison next semester and have recently discovered the Physicians Assistant profession. I understand that the current pandemic will heavily reduce the likelihood of shadowing opportunities, but nonetheless I am asking if there are any professionals who would be willing to take on a shadow. If the current climate is too hectic for this, I would be ecstatic to have a dialogue about potential opportunities in the future. If you have any questions for me at all, please do not hesitate to ask!
      Thank you for your time, 
    • By NewGrad6766
      Hi all, how long does it take to get a Wisconsin PA license after getting your boards scores back? Weeks? Months? I'm taking my boards in mid-August and want to give potential employers a guage of when I will able to start practicing.
    • By sophia.hope
      Hello All,
      I was accepted to Marquette's Program late October and I have not heard much else from them since then.  I was wondering if anyone else has gotten registration information yet?
      Also I will be looking for a roommate as I will be moving to Milwaukee from Madison, WI in August! Anyone else looking?
    • By wmitchell2288
      How does one add a newer school to the sub forums?
      I just got accepted to the program at Concordia and was hoping to get their name out there a bit.
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