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Hello :)


I am curious to know what your daily/weekly schedule is like during first semester in terms of hours in class per day, average number of exams per week, number of classes taken at a time, etc.


For example, do you have class from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday? How long is lunch break? Do you ever get off early for extra study time? Do you have exams every week and if so how many?


Thanks so much!

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For the two year program, for the first semester, classes are Monday through Thursday. Mondays are half days, with class until 12/1-ish depending on which anatomy lab you take, Tuesdays are all day 8-5, Wednesdays are half days also, and Thursdays are all day. There is plenty of time off during the week, in which will be spent self studying! You take 5 classes the first semester. 


For the 3 year program, the 1st semester is basically Monday and Wednesdays, half days. 


There are a lot of exams! Every week usually, but you get used to the fast pace after a couple of weeks. 

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Not sure if anyone can respond to this, but I was hoping for a little more information on the schedule for the 2 year program.  Do I understand correctly you have Fridays off?  How many times per month are there "extra" requirements like some sort of clinic visit, etc.?  Are the 2nd and 3rd semester schedules comparable to the 1st? 

Would you say that the required in class time is like having a 9-5 job (obviously disregarding the second full time job of studying)?  

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