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The scores before the Class of 2014 were probably low because of cheating that went on in those classes. Students from one year's class would give the answers to online and non-online quizzes/tests to students in the following year. This happened for one of the most important 2-semester-long courses in PA school (probably the most important course during Year 1 for passing the PANCE). Students have little incentive to study when they have the answers to their online quizzes/tests. For the Class of 2014, the PA program stopped using the professor for the course whose old exams and answers were already in circulation. Instead it used a bunch of professors, each assigned to teach one subject, to teach that course, and these professors created new exams. The Class of 2014 had a 90% pass rate.


That is my hypothesis of what happened. It goes to show that cheating can be harmful. The PA department acted like it was in the dark about the cheating for years. That is why students should inform the head of the PA Dept when "massive" cheating is occurring. If a course is too hard, then that problem should be addressed, too.

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