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Guard or reserves as a PA

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I was in the guard enlisted for a number of years.  I want to go back in as a PA.  How much say did you have when you went in for where you served?  I know in the guard it depends on the state, what about the reserves?  Are you a Battalion asset or can you end up at a company level?  Also if anyone has been in the guard and the reserves I would love to hear what you loved more.  Thanks

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never went in either guard or reserves, but looked at them a lot (4 years prior service AD USAF 2a353A)


I learned - you will be deployed when, how and how long the service needs you ......  I brought up that I would likely loose my practice should I get deployed > 3 months - and got the honest answer it will likely be for 7-12 months......


As for drill and where you drill - they were very flexible on this allowing me to attach to almost any unit to drill

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I had the option of choosing to go with the Engineer Battalion or the single MEDCOM in our state. I chose the Engineers so I could get out in the field and do more Army stuff than at the MEDCOM (ex shooting, field exercises, etc). I returned from a nine month deployment in July and had a very positive experience in Afghanistan. I had the option to leave at six months but decided prior to deploying that I wouldn't be doing that.


With the Engineers, I'm a Battalion asset so I report directly to the Battalion Commander. The BC is an Engineer by trade--I advise the BC on medical issues as a medical staff officer.


Can't speak to the reserves but that's how the Guard has worked so far for me.

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