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GI Job Offer

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I've been offered a job in Gastro- endoscopy working 2 days in the office and rounding 3 with call 1 in 3 weekends. I'm a new grad and this will be my first job in the Tampa area.


His offer:


$75k with reevaluate and possibly raise to $80k in 6 months


Malpractice covered


Two weeks vacation


Covered licensing and certification fees


No health or 401k, basically no other benefits


It doesn't seem like a fair offer even for a new grad, the doc is a friend of my mom's and I really need to start working. Any ideas?

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I tried to negotiate for 85,000 to offset the fact that there's no benefits but he declined and told me to let him know if I'm willing to take his offer or not. He told me he interviewed four other people but he didn't like them, now I see why. Does it make any sense to try to negotiate anything with him? 

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I ended up telling him NO!! That is after he basically told me that I would be working almost 50 hours a week for that when he previously told me it was around 32 hours a week. Ended up getting a WAY better offer as a surgical first assistant with great benefits. Thanks for your input. 

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