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Georgia pay scale

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Hi there,


I just moved to Georgia and I was wondering what is the median salary you all are getting for primary care PA with 3 years experience? I'm from Texas and it seems it's a lot lower than they're median salary for the level of work exp that I have. And just to put in perspective, what do hospitalists, surgical and ER pas make here in GA ?

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    • By atjPA
      Follow this link: https://gre.magoosh.com/invite/5F7JDH to get $10 off Magoosh GRE prep when you sign up! It's automatically discounted when you check out, but only if you follow this link! Magoosh really helped me get the score I needed for PA school and I wanted to share this with website to all my Pre-PA friends! Hope this works for you!
    • By cardiacpack94
      Hey guys!
      So I have a question about CASPA and ETS. On my CASPA profile there are a few schools that are missing from schools that have received my GRE score but according to ETS, the scores have been received by all the schools that I entered. Should I resend the score or contact the Admissions Representative to see if they did receive my scores?
    • By Davidhaslhof
      Hey Guys & Gals,
      I just took the GRE today and did not do well at all.  150 for verbal and 138(kill me please) for quant.  I was expecting to get into the 50% but clearly, I was not successful with the quant.  I think the combination of not doing math or a long time + time anxiety + failure to adequately prepare are the reasons while I did so poorly.  I am sure my dog could have done better and his skills are limited to sitting and smiling...
      Some basic info:
      Age 31
      Associates GPA 2.8
      Science GPA 3.3
      BS GPA 3.72  
      My patient care experience is a little over 23,000* hours:
      *Not included 2 years as a volunteer EMT covering 36 hours a week of a small town
      3,744 as a Paramedic
      9,360 as a respiratory therapist (ED, NICU, PICU, SICU, Neuro-ICU, MICU, CVICU)
      10,000+ as a combined flight respiratory therapist and a flight paramedic.
      Directors of both the ED and Acute Care Surgery wrote letters of recommendation
      I am not sure what to do right now...  While the school I applied to requires the GRE, they don't have a minimum threshold and only recommend that you are above 50% to be competitive.  They did report that the middle 60% percent of the class scored between 30-67% on the Quant portion of the GRE's.  To me, that suggests that the GRE has little emphasis in the overall review of the application.  I am not sure if I should call and speak to either my admissions counselor or if I should speak to the director of admissions to ask for advice.  The priority deadline for the application is July 1st and the final deadline is September 1st.  I am not sure if I should call and ask them to place a hold on the application, make a note that I will take the GRE exam in the next month, or if repeating the GRE is even necessary in the grand scheme of my application.  I do want to take the GRE again, but my only issue is the cost of the repeat test plus the cost of an online prep will set me back a small sum of money.  I am frustrated at myself, not sure what to do, and I am looking for any guidance or advice others can give.
      Please send help
    • By daydreamy
      Two questions!
      1) Does anyone have experience with retaking the GRE? My unofficial verbal reasoning score was wonderful, but I need to up my quant score. Will it look badly if I skip the sections I've already done well in for a program that takes the best scores from multiple tests (this may be program-dependent, just wanted to throw this q out there).
      2) Has anyone's official "scaled" GRE score been different than the score noted on your screen the day of the exam?
    • By Karlie
      I am having difficulty deciding whether or not I should retake the GRE or not. I am not a fan of these tests, nor do I like having to pay $200+ to take it so I need an honest opinion if you think I should retake it or not. 4 out of the 6 schools I am applying to require the GRE with no minimums, but their averages are around 300-306. The other 2 schools do not require it at all. 1 of those schools is the school I received my B.S. from, and they give preference to previous alumni (giving me a higher likeliness to get in there). I also just received my B.S. and will have 1 gap year at least between undergrad and PA school.
      GRE SCORE= 293
      Quant: 148
      Verbal: 145
      Writing: 4.0
      Cumulative: 3.73
      Science: 3.73
      Research: 90+ Biochemistry research with antioxidants.
      PCE: 600hrs (I was a CNA at a long-term care facility for 560 of those hours and now I am working full time as a Medical Assistant at a Primary Care office allowing me to gain 40+ hours a week of PCE, which I will add to my application).
      HCE= 2,300 hrs as a patient transporter in a hospital.
      Shadow= 90 hrs in 7 different fields of medicine.
      Volunteer= 42 hrs (soup kitchen, special olympics, american red cross blood drives, MAPA)
      LOR (4 total)
      2 PA's I shadowed (both alumni of my alma mater's PA school and they are both still involved with their PA school), my previous patient transport supervisor, and my research professor.
      Pre-PA club
      MAPA (Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants)
      I am not sure if I am missing anything. Let me know if you want more information to help me make this decision. I would have to retake the test within the next couple of weeks so that I could submit my application mid-June. This would not give me much time to prepare for my retake. I also have only done a crash course of youtube videos and free Kaplan bootcamps to prepare for the GRE, and this was all before my previous attempt at the end of April 2018. I do not want to waste the time and money if you guys think I would still be competitive at the schools that require the GRE. Thanks for your input!

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