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Transfer GPA. Help!

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Hello! I currently have my bachelors in physical education and biology and am considering going to PA school in the future. My overall GPA is 2.72. My last 60 credits GPA is a 3.17 while my science GPA is something like 2.5. I also need to go and take a couple pre-reqs, hopefully at a local community college.


Some of the PA schools I'm looking at specifically say that transfer classes count ONLY for credits NOT for GPA. This is confusing me because how am I supposed to up my science GPA/Overall GPA if they only take the credits? Would I have to get an entire associates for my GPA to calculate in? Help!

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If you take college level classes, even at a community college, they will count toward your CASPA calculated GPA.  Even so, you have an inordinate amount of work ahead of you to even get up to the 3.0 GPA cutoff which many PA programs have.  And to be competitive, you will need to be closer to 3.3 3.4 with good HCE.  Also, your GPA calculation at your undergrad institution will likely not match the CASPA GPA....caspa does not use replacement grades.  With your GPA that low, getting an associates in a med. related field that will give you pertinent skills and a good job in the future would be the way to go...i.e rad tech.  You would still have to kill all of the classes to bump up the GPA significantly.  If you're passionate about becoming a PA, you must think of it as a long-term plan.   

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Some of the PA schools I'm looking at specifically say that transfer classes count ONLY for credits NOT for GPA.

I do not think this means what you think it means.


What I think it means is this: If you were allowed to transfer coursework into the university where your PA program is (you're almost certainly not, but other programs will allow transfer credit), it wouldn't count for your GPA.


That's how I have a 3.3 overall CASPA undergraduate GPA, but "highest honors" with the associates degree I picked up amongst my prerequisites: I did enough coursework at the community college to earn the associates, but they only counted THEIR coursework in my graduation GPA, which was like 3.98.


Mind you, I'm reading your post and trying to rationalize it by applying what I've seen at other colleges and universities--and I've been to a few.

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      Volunteer~150 hours
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