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Last year all acceptances were by phone call and an email a few days later. It's from an unknown number so if you don't answer it, they'll leave a message notifying you of acceptance. Wait list/rejection I assume is by email. Also they say it takes about 2 weeks to hear back, for me it was 4 weeks, so that may vary. Hope this helps.

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I interviewed on 9/9 and received acceptance on 9/19. Has anyone else accepted admission yet? And congrats to Cirugia - looking forward to getting to know you!

Congratulations! I recently accepted a seat in the class of 2017 as well. I look forward to meeting everyone. 

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Just received an acceptance!!!!! So excited to have gotten into a program!! My interview was the 11th and I received the offer this morning. Seems like people tend to ask for stats so here are mine for anyone interested:


Undergrad Ed School: University of Minnesota, Rochester, BS in Health Sciences

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.71
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.77
Post Bachelor GPA: N/A

Age at application time : 22
1st GRE: 157 V (74%), 155 Q (60%), 4.5 (80%)

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours)
Volunteer EMT at a local rural ambulance service - 2500

Volunteer dental assistant at a low income medical clinic - 75

Full-time phlebotomist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN - 600


Indirect patient care as a pharmacy technician at a low income medical clinic - 75


Extracurricular/Research Activities:
Ballroom dance, student ambassador for the University of Minnesota - Rochester, Member of the Southeast Minnesota Regional Sustainability Board, volunteer in the children's ministry at the church I attend

Schools Applied: Emory, Duke, Augsburg, Oregon Health and Science University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, University of Iowa, Des Moines University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Universtiy of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Application Submitted Date: CASPA verified July 23

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