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Scott, I looked at the statistics page, and in the last three classes, they have had between 1000 and 1400 applicants, grant about 150 interviews, and seat 44 students.



I am new to this forum..those stats definitely make me a tad nervous. Good luck (and congrats!) to everyone who has gotten an interview invite! CU is my top choice, but I haven't heard anything back yet.. the waiting game is tough.  

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I too got the waitlist e-mail. The program is outstanding and I can't imagine anyone passing up a seat but I'm trying to stay hopeful. Congrats to everyone who got in!

Ahhhhh I interviewed October 1 and just got the call from Kay I'm going to CU!!!     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I got a call from the director the day after my interview last Monday (11/24) that I have been accepted! Mentioned that Kay would be sending out the acceptance packages this week. 

Hey guys! This is my second year applying. My CASPA application was verified on 05-07-14. I got 3 interviews done so far and I got accepted to 2. I still haven't heard from some of the schools I applied. So Im in the dilemma of what to do! Because I haven't heard from my first choice school. The interviews are really nice, I was nervous at first but it went really smooth after. You keep in mind that you want to chose them as much as they want to chose you!!

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