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Figured I would start a thread for anyone applying this cycle!  Has anyone heard anything yet?  I've only gotten confirmation via email and mail that my application is complete and will be under review.  Looking at past threads it seems like interviews were not offered until September?

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Just got in off the wait list! Will update you all.     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Not yet! However, I am signed up for the November 1st open house!

Interviewed 11/7 and received an acceptance by e-mail yesterday afternoon!

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My stats are probably about average for PA students:  


Overall GPA 3.70

Science GPA 3.45

GRE bests: Verbal:162, Quantitative 150, Analytical 4.5


Shadow PA: more than 500 hours

Volunteer: more than 500 hours

lots of different observation experiences.  


I think this is probably one of the first hurdles to overcome in the beginning, but many other factors probably came into play (so many of us are overachievers!!!) such as the narrative.  It gives the admissions committee a window into who/how the grades are accomplished.  


All my best and I hope to see you in November!

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Hi everyone! I'm a current first-year student at SU.

I was just thinking about interviews coming up on Friday (I'll be there along with other students by the way!) and wanted to wish all of you good luck! I also was at the Open House this past Saturday if any of you went. :)

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I am still waiting anxiously to hear from SU...anyone else in the same boat?  I haven't heard a thing lately and I applied in June.

Same thing here!  My CASPA was verified June 30th - only thing I have gotten is a confirmation of my prerequisite plan in the mail (what I have completed and the 2 classes that I am working on now).

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Hi all! I'm a former Shenandoah student who left after a semester and a half. I'm selling my medical equipment in another forum on this site for half of what I paid for it at SU. See my post and contact info at the link below if you might be interested:





And good luck to all of you! =)

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