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Hi otashco,

They said they are letting most people know in regards to acceptance around May 1st still. I think some people received a phone call early but the majority of students did not yet. So, keep your hopes up!

And the phone call was short and sweet just letting me know I was accepted.

Thank you for reply. Will definitely wait for their call. Congrats again on acceptance!
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I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!! So excited good luck to everyone.     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Thanks!   I turned in the last of my paperwork the second week of February. I had to re-submit a recommendation letter because a doc put hours of HCE on it as well so I was a bit close to the deadli

I got a phone call last week before spring break and will be attending York in the fall! Only another two weeks till everyone is notified. Need to take the health professions and english 303 class thi

Hi everyone!!, I am new to this. Congrats to those accepeted! and good luck to those desperately waiting.

help needed, please... When is the best time to start applying to York's PA program? I searched throught the website, but I was not able to find anything but the deadline.

Thank you in advance.

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I got a rejection call yesterday, but was told they are still making final decisions for a few remaining seats. good luck to the rest of you.

Hi Brooklynpa, may I ask what your stats were in terms of gpa, work experience, GRE score? im working on my prereqs at the moment and would like to know what my chances are as it seems to be a pretty long road. Thanks so much, brooklynpa!


I got a rejection call yesterday, but was told they are still making final decisions for a few remaining seats. good luck to the rest of yo

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Congrats to all that have already been accepted!

In response to Otashco.. I was interviewed on February 25th and I still have not heard anything from the program. I called them on April 28th and I was told that there was still no decision made on my account, and for me to keep waiting. They said "early May" that I will get a decision. 


Is there anyone else who was interviewed but still has not heard back yet?!

The wait is agonizing..

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Hello applicants, Same here, received my rejection letter 2 days ago in the mail. Congrats on your acceptance to your top choice program kittykat1234. Guys, please, keep your motivation up!

Hello, I am sorry that you received a rejection letter. I would love to go to York, I am working on my prereqs right now but also need the paid healthcare experience so I am pretty far from applying. Do you mind maybe messaging me and telling me your stats? GPA, etc. I am so unsure I will get accepted, ever that I am thinking of nursing which I can apply for right now instead of waiting another 2 years to apply to York. Is it that hard to get in? Thanks so much for your time and I hope you get an acceptance letter from elsewhere:)

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