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I think I remember seeing a most commons thread somewhere on this site........anyway we can make it a sticky??? That would be so helpful!!

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Oh boy....

A list I made yrs ago (maybe 10!), but hopefully is still up to date. Includes "Most Commons" as well as the Buzzwords associated w/ certain conditions

Please feel free to post corrections as most of this list is not my field!

Long list, let's see if it posts:


Bouchard’s Nodes (PIP), Heberdeen’s nodes (DIP)- OA

Swan Neck, Boutionneire deformity, ulnar deviation, claw toes, hallux valgus- RA

Koebner phenomenon (rash provoked by scratching) – JRA

Sausage finger (flexor tendon tenosynovitis), “Cup and saucer” proximal phalanx- psoriatic arthritis

Bamboo spine – Ankylosing spondylitis

Tinel’s sign – tapping Median N. – paresthesias in median n. distribution

Gottron’s sign (violaceous inflammation on knuckles), Heliotrope rash – Dermatomyositis

Vasculitis associated with Hepatitis B, C – Polyarteritis Nodosa

Xerostomia & Xeroderma, Schirmer’s Tear Test – Sjogren’s syndrome

Esophageal web, dysphagia, Iron Deficiency Anemia – Plummer Vinson Syndrome

IBS & Mitral Valve Prolapse – Fibromyalgia association

Housemaid’s Knee – Pre/Suprapatellar bursitis

Weaver’s Bottom – Ischial Bursitis

Pump Bump – Achilles Bursitis

Sickle Cell Osteomyelitis – Salmonella

Boxer’s Fracture – Distal Fifth Metacarpal

Greenstick Fracture – bowing, one sided

Torus fracture – buckling fracture; compression

Nursemaid’s Elbow – radial head subluxation

Dinner Fork Deformity (on radiograph) - Colles’ Fracture (transverse distal radius metaphysic w/ dorsal distal fragment displacement)

Falling on outstretched hand – scaphoid or Colles’

Rotator Cuff muscles



            Teres Minor


Drop Arm Test – Rotator Cuff injury

Lachman Test - ACL

Bankart Lesion – tear of glenoid labrum

Kocher Maneuver – shoulder reduction

Apprehension Test – anterior shoulder dislocation

Jerk Test – posterior shoulder dislocation

“Separated Shoulder” – AC separation

Neer Classification – humeral head fracture

Nerve Injury in Humeral Shaft fracture – Radial N.

Claw Hand deformity - Volkmann’s Contracture – ischemic flexion contracture resulting from fracture, compartment syn., cast or tourniquet application

Keinbock’s disease – lunate osteonecrosis

Gamekeeper’s Thumb – tear/sprain UCL thumb

Lateral Epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow

Medial Epicondylitis – Golfer’s/Baseball Elbow

Finkelstein’s Test - DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis  (stenosing tenosynovitis of abductor pollicus longus extensor pollicus brevis)

Sellick’s Maneuver – cricoid pressure

Scheuermann's disease – Juvenile kyphosis

Culprit crnal nerve in ptosis - III

McMurray Test – Meniscal Tear

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – avascular necrosis of femoral head


Feeling of sitting on a ball – uterine prolapse

Clue cells – Gardnerella (BV)

First step in infertility w/u – semen analysis

Nagelel’s Rule- Date of LMP – 3 mo + 7 d

Sack of grapes/Snow Storm U/S – molar/hydatidiform pregnancy

Bloody Show- passage of blood tinged mucous cap from cervical os during early labor


Vaginal discharge:

Malodorous frothy green-yellow – Chlamydia

Fishy – BV (Gardnerella)


Todd’s Paralysis – transient postictal limb paralysis

Lhermitte’s sign/”Barber Chair Phenomenon” – passive neck flexion causing sensation of electricity down back; classic in Multiple Sclerosis

Brain bx revealing Tangles and Plaques – Alzheimer’s

Band like HA – tension

Stocking Glove neuropathy – DM

Tyramine free diet – MAOIs

Magical thinking – schizophrenia

Condyloma- HPV of abraded skin

Erythema marginatum – rheumatic fever

Erythema migrans - Lyme

Erythema toxicum neonatorum

Erythema mulitforme – drug lesions, infectious


“Sunburn with goosebumps” – scarlet fever

“Dewdrop on a rose petal” – varicella zoster

Rice water stool – cholera

Box shaped rods in chains – anthrax

Infectious Trismus - tetanus

Pea Soup diarrhea – salmonella (typhoid)

Pharyngeal gray membrane – diphtheria

Bulls-Eye Lesion – erythemia migrans

Herald patch, Christmas Tree Pattern rash – pityriasis rosea

Koplik spots-  measles

Wickhams striae – lichen planus

Auspitz’s sign – capillary bleeding after peeling away scale; Psoriasis

Tapioca lesions – dyshidrosis

Hot tub folliculitis – Pseudomonas

Target lesions – erythema multiforme

Spaghetti & meatballs on microscopy – pityriasis versicolor (Malassezia furfur)

Rash sparing skin overlying joints – SLE

Farmer’s/Sailor’s skin – dermatoheliosis

Pearly white domes papule – BCC

Microcytosis out of proportion to anemia – thalassemia

Prussian blue staining – sideroblastic anemia

Basophilic stippling – lead toxicity

Heinz Bodies – hemolytic anemia

Howell-Jolley Bodies

Auer Rods - AML

Glossitis in anemia – Folate (beefy red), Fe (pale)

Anemia w/ neuro symptoms – B12

> 1g Hgb drop/week = hemolysis or loss

Pruritis w/ bathing – polycythemia vera

Pancytopenia w/ circulating blasts – acute leukemia

Monoclonal spike on electrophoresis – Multiple Myeloma

Ashigenaza Jews – Factor XI deficiency

Russel Viper Venom Time – Lupus Anticoagulant

Bird’s Beak sign – achalasia

Virchow’s Node- Left Supraclavicular Lymphadenopathy- Gastric CA

Sister Mary Joseph Nodule – Periumbilical nodule – Gastric CA

String Sign – pyloric stenosis

Cushing Disease- primary pituitary ACTH overproduction w/ cortical adrenal hyperplasia and glucocorticoid excess

Cushing Syndrome- manifestions of glucocorticoid excess from any cause

Cushingoid Features – Buffalo Hump, Moon Facies, Supraclavicular Fat Pad

ENT disorder seen in dwarfism – recurrent OM

Hypercalcemia seen in patients on bed rest – Paget’s disease of bone

Eruptive/Tendinous xanthomas – hyperlipidemia

Drugs causing hyperlipidemia

            Beta Blockers




Foamy Urine – nephrotic syndrome

GU complication of mumps - orchitis

Rust colored sputum – strep pneumo

Currant jelly sputum – Klebsiella


Susceptible populations:

Wool workers, farmhands - anthrax

Fish handlers – erysipeloid


Purpura, Arthritis, Abdominal Pain – Henoch Schonlein Purpura

Can’t Pee Can’t See Can’t Dance with me – Reiter’s Stndrome

Lichen Planus 5 Ps







Chronic Pancreatitis

            Pancreatic Calcification




Necrotizing Fasciitis


            Diffuse Crepitus



Hypercalcemia/Hyperparathyroidism- “Bones, Stones, Groans, Moans, Psychic Overtones”

            Bone Turnover






Horner’s Syndrome- Ptosis, Miosis, Anhidrosis

Pancoast Syndrome – Horner’s + Neuritic Arm Pain, Arm muscle atrophy


“SPHERE” of lung CA complications

SVC Syndrome

Pancoast Syndrome

Horner’s Syndrome


Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injury     

Endocrine (paraneoplastic)


Gross hematuria, flank pain, palpable mass – Renal Cell Carcinoma

Diarrhea, Dermatitis, Dementia – pellagra

Poor wound Healing, Petechiae, Bleeding Gums – Scurvy

Tumor Markers

            CA125            Ovarian

            CEA                Colon


            PSA                 Prostate


Most Common….


Benign Primary Hand Bone Tumor – Ecchondroma

Facial pain – TMJ

Neck Pain – Cervical spondylosis

Fracture in children and adolescents – clavicle

Neuropathy – median n. (CTS)

Elbow overuse injury – lateral epicondylitis

Shoulder dislocation – anterior

Hip Dislocation – posterior

LBP – prolapsed intervertebral disk

Spinal Deformity – idiopathic adolescent scoliosis

Deformity of MTP – Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

Curvature in scoliosis – R T7-8

Secondary Ammenorrhea – pregnancy

Presentation of fibroids – vaginal bleeding

GYN malignancy – Endometrial CA

Ovarian growth – cyst

Benign breast diases – fibrocystic (#2 Fibroadenoma)

Breast CA – ductal

Site Breast CA – upper outer

RF for preeclmapsia – nulliparity

3rd Trim bleeding – abruption

Infectious infertility - chalmydia

Primary intracranial neoplasm – glioma

Dementia – Alzheimers

HA – Tension

Side for Bell’s Palsy – Right

Cause of Movement disorder in children – Cerebral Palsy

Viral meningitis – coxsackie

Source of brain mets – Lung, Breast, renal, GI

Form of schizophrenia – Paranoid
Antipsychotic causing agranulocytosis – Clozapine

Mental disorder – Phobia

Vector borne disease - Lyme

Skin Condition – acne

Cutaneous malignancy – BCC

Anemia – IDA

Cause IDA – GI blood loss

Hypochrmoic microcytic anemia - IDA

Normochromic normocytic anemia – Chronic disease

B12 def iency – pernicious anemia

Leukemia – CLL

Coagulopathy – thrombocytopenia

Acquired coagulaopathy – Vit K deficiency

Congenital coagulaopathy – Von Willebrand Disease

Acquired platelet dysfunction – NSAIDs/ASA

Extranodal site of NHL – stomach

Cancer deaths




Pancreatitis – ETOH

Acute Hepatitis – Viral

Cause of hyperthyroidism- Grave’s

Cause of hypothyroidism- Iodine Deficiency

Thyroid CA – papillary

Site of cystic bone lesions in hyperparathyroidism – mandible

Blindness in patients > 60 yrs – DM retinopathy

Compication DM – neuropathy

Addison’s disease – autoimmune cortex destruction

Acromegaly – pituitary adenoma

Neuro finding in Paget’s disease of bone- deafness

Renal stone – Ca

Electrolyte disorder in hospitalized patients – hyponatremia

Atypical pneumonia – mycoplasma

Solitary pulmonary nodule – healed granuloma

Interstitial lung disease – idiopathic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia (formerly idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis)

PUD – H pylori

Finding in Gastric CA – IDA

Jaundice + Palpable GB – Pancreatic CA


Death in US

            Heart Disease



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Thank you very much.  Right now I am studying for the DCE the exam you take after the first year of PA school before we go on rotations.

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