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I am a Physician Assistant in Illinois looking to start an LLC for revenue associated with asisting fees gained from first assisting (kind of a moonlighting gig if you will)


Can't find any good legal information on the permisability of PAs owning an LLC.  AAPA has a bulletin that suggests PAs can't incorporate because we aren't licensed under the Medical Practice Act, on the Physician Asst Practice Act and are thus cannot own corporations that provide medical care.


Looking for advice and resources here.  If not an LLC, how best to report/reduce taxes on extra earned income??


Thanks All!

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      I’m a pain management PA with 4+ years experience in interventional pain private practices. Currently in the process of opening my Pain Practice in New York City area. 
      Looking for Supervising Physician for the practice. Will also receive percent ownership in practice and can perform the neuro-axial procedures if desired. I’m open to various arrangements, depending on what physician prefers.
      Please message if interested to associate and collaborate.
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      Does anyone work for or know of someone that works for Rush University Medical Center in Chicago? I am wondering what their emergency medicine advanced practice provider compensation model is like considering they are one of the only hospital institutions that don't use the EM staffing companies (TeamHealth, Envision, VEP, Vituity, etc.). How have you found their rates/benefits to compare to the staffing companies if you've worked for them previously?  
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      Has Anyone ever got accepted without any clinical hours? Also, would shadowing a pa or working as a pharmacy technician count as clinical hours?
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      Thinking about doing more locums work whilst keeping my FT benefited job and wondering about experiences between being a 1099 and having an LLC/S-corp. Seems like the people who do this FT definitely have their own company, which makes sense, but wondering how the part-timers choose to manage it.
      Along those same lines, when lining up a locums or contracting gig, ever had any push back about being paid through your company rather than directly? Does it make any difference to the placement company's bottom line?
      For those that do have an LLC/S-corp, at what point did you set one up with regard to how much contract work you were doing? By that I mean, is it worth it if you're only contracting 40 hours a month? At what point is it requisite?
      All input welcome...
    • By LMHPAC
      Hi Fellow PA's!
      I'm licensed in NY/NJ and own an aesthetic medicine practice with another PA partner. We are in collaboration with a medical director. This is a newish venture that is legally vetted and set up in a corporate structure that is going quite well. A few months ago, I was asked by a colleague (Plastic Surgeon on the ASPS Board) to speak at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Conference. He asked me to speak on behalf of midlevels regarding "practice ownership," as much as our profession(s) permit. It's a seemingly controversial topic, and I was surprised at the Plastic surgery community's interest. Perhaps, they see where the future is headed for us all and the need to embrace change!
      Anyways, back to the subject. I am thoroughly aware of the laws surrounding my practice in NY/NJ, however, I'm not up-to-date on our profession as a whole. I know we can prescribe in all 50 states (some restrictions on levels, signatures etc.), however, I'm uncertain as to if there are any states left that require onsite physician presence for a PA to practice? I know that some states require written documentation when a PA is practicing at their own site. Can anyone help?
      Thanks in Advance,
      P.S. He reached out to the AAPA regarding this with no response. Where's the support of our profession?! :-(
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