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LINK: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education - Physician Assistant Program at Harlem Hospital

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For future inquirers, here is a direct link to the Sophie Davis - Harlem PA program.


There, you'll find some information about the application process, the program's history and mission, pre-reqs, application forms, curriculum, PANCE passing stats and possibly more. Hope this helps you on your way into this great profession.





Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them - A. Einstein 







~ PAC-hris

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    • By Maylily7
      I was wondering if anyone accepted into this program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply I could be considered a competitive applicant. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time, I appreciate it a lot!
    • By PArockstar
      Hello everyone, 
      i've made this page to start the discussion of CUNY's admission cycle.
      Feel free to post! 
    • By Rellie
      Hello everyone! Based on the website, https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/csom/physician-assistant-program it says that the application will open tomorrow July 1st! I'm planning to submit ASAP...Good luck to everyone :)   
    • By sinthia0079
      This is a new forum created by a student of the new Sophie Davis PA Program class of 2020. I created this because I did not seem to find any pages or threads pertaining to this new class. If you are in this new upcoming class please comment in any subject as far as rooming, COL, tuition, etc.
    • By Pre-PA21
      Hello Everyone, I want to stay connected with all of my fellow pre-PA students who are applying to York College. I submitted my application recently and it is verified by the CASPA. The only thing I am missing is the GRE. 
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