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My family is looking into options of a warmer climate than Maine and have become attracted to the Wilmington, NC area.


Does any have any input on how this area is for family, working as a PA in regards to EM job options and salary? I've noticed some advertisements from ApolloMD, an organization we don't have in Maine, anyone have thoughts on this group?


Overall take of being a PA in NC? Lastly, anyone have experience in NC as a PA in the National Guard--wondering how slotting looks for interstate transfers.



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No experience with national guard.

Loads experience in nc, sc, and apollomd.


First off, unequivocally can state that apollomd will do their level best to treat you right, to protect you and, should you get Ill or injured, stay behind you for a period of time that is entirely unreasonable to get you back on your feet. Personal experience speaking here.


North Carolina in many ways is best pa state.. If you have what it takes to be a good pa, you will be respected, and will not have as much administrative "mid level belittling" as in other states ( sc, ga, ky). Your scope of practice is what you and sp agree upon.. BME tells your what they expect, and will hold you to that. Previous president of BME was a PA. Lots of PA In Wilmington area.. Go figure.. But jobs can be had.


You can make good cash if you are willing to work hard.. Or make reasonable cash working a less strenuous tempo, but better quality of life.


Also, consider the Shumacher group for eastern nc EM jobs.. Another pretty good group, but not as good as apollo .

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I was stationed just north of Wilmington at Lejeune, and my wife attended UNCW for a time.


We were very impressed with the area in regards to family friendliness, places to go, things to do, etc. If you like the water, its a great place to be. Love the downtown and the beach. Would move back in a heartbeat if it weren't for ill parents.


NC is my favorite state by far, and has a fabulous coastline.


I can't speak for PA viability, but it seems Mr. rcdavis has done due diligence in that department.


Have you gone down for a quick trip to check things out?

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Thank you both for your reply to this post. We're hoping to make a trip back out in March to spend more time in the Wilmington area. Are most of the ER jobs through these physician agencies--I'm not finding too many posted outside of ApolloMD. I'll reach out to both groups you mention and thanks for the perspective on ApolloMD vs Schumaker.


Any specific recommendations on things to check out? 


One thing we hear which sounds quite positive is how much the area is described as being family friendly--certainly a big draw to have that plus a good job. 


Thanks again!

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I've practiced in NC for almost 30 years…a very supportive state for PAs with lots of job opportunities throughout the state.

Wilmington has undergone an enormous growth period in the past decade and it's easy to understand why. Cost of living  is significantly lower than the national average, beautiful beaches and close proximity to other coastal towns like Myrtle Beach.
About the only negative comment I can offer in regards to WIlmington is that every hurricane that comes up the coast seems to pass right by this area…the price one pays for enjoying a coastal lifestyle (and it is much,much warmer than Maine!)
Hope you enjoy your trip to the area and good luck with your potential employment here in NC.


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The USS North Carolina is always a cool thing to check out. Wrightsville beach is a nice spot to spend some time. Also, the downtown/historic district has nice restaurants/ice cream shops, etc and carriage rides that kids always dig. The George on the river was one of my favorite places to eat, especially at dusk.



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I am a new graduate who just moved to wilmington nc. I have been looking for jobs for over 5 months and had maybe 2 calls back- the closest was a job over 50 miles away. I am not sure if it's the new grad status or what but I would have never imagined it would be this depressing to find a job (and I'm not being picky either). Best of luck to you though if you do come. I know of pretty much every hiring firm and contacts here if you want suggestions...

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I am a new graduate who just moved to wilmington nc. I have been looking for jobs for over 5 months and had maybe 2 calls back- the closest was a job over 50 miles away. I am not sure if it's the new grad status or what but I would have never imagined it would be this depressing to find a job (and I'm not being picky either). Best of luck to you though if you do come. I know of pretty much every hiring firm and contacts here if you want suggestions...



It does seem as if there is some job saturation in the Wilmington area, I've come across only a few openings. I'm looking for an ED position personally if you do know of any. I've had a few calls/emails to Eastern Carolina Emergency Physicians which contracts out to New Hanover Regional Medical Center but not much luck in talking to them.


Are you from the area or move there for other reasons?


Wish you luck in your search!




I'm looking forward to checking out the USS North Carolina and I'll be sure to go to The George--looks like some good food!

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I work in Wilmington. I think it's a pretty tight medical employment market especially so for new grads. (I wanted to move here right after grad and couldn't find a job - finally landed one probably only because I did a rotation with the group).


ECEP staffs both the EDs in town - New Hanover and Cape Fear (Ortho hospital). They are in the process of building a new freestanding ED in Porters Neck just north of town. Not sure but I would guess ECEP will probably staff that too. I would look at Pender, Brunswick, and Dosher hospitals too - all of those wouldn't be a bad commute from Wilmington.

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My family and I are getting ready to head down to Wilmington in a few weeks. Looking for some good food recommendations--The George is on the list so far. We have a 3-year-old, so family friendly preferred. Any suggestions?


How about any good local coffee or beer?

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