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Online Classes-Add to the List!

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On 2/24/2017 at 9:35 PM, Ollivander said:

Genetics isn't one of those classes that needs a lab to go along with it like anatomy, physiology, or the chemistry courses. It can be done without lab, because you get the essential lab skills in most of the other classes you'll take within your prereqs. Thus, it's easy to offer it as an online course. The same goes with biochemistry. If you don't need an on-site lab, it can be taught online. That's the direction all universities are gravitating toward. 

Oh don't get me wrong. To build up GPA or meet the prereqs, you do what you need to do in the quickest and cheapest way possible. I was just saying genetics is one of those classes where in-class is better if the teacher is hard and you really wanted to know it...especially like if you have to do triple crosses etc. I can care less about most of these classes...I doubt we need O chem or genetics in PA school or will ever use it in practice IMO. Some schools do have stipulations on which classes you can take online. I saw a few which stated they wanted their prereq sci classes to be classroom taught but psy classes could be online. YMMV.

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On 7/26/2017 at 9:16 AM, Contigo75 said:

I know people have mentioned it in the thread....but anyone know of any good Microbio classes online w/ lab. Trying to avoid UNE cause I have heard awful things about it.

I took Microbiology + Lab (4 credits) at Clovis Community College. Class was pretty straightforward, the professor posted lecture videos and powerpoint on Canvas. There was a semester-long project and a few other smaller labs scattered throughout the semester. The labs consisted of purchasing 2 Petri dishes, nutrient agar, q-tip swabs and a McDonald's happy meal (semester-long lab). Midterm and Final exams were both proctored and there was a mix of regular closed-book (non-proctored) exams also. I believe that there were also 2 lab exams as well. Price was also not bad at all, came out to about $400-450  for the entire class.


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I just finished up taking genetics online through Metropolitan Community College that was previously mentioned in this thread. I got the A I wanted. If you're interested or want specifics on the course feel free to PM me.
I might look into Clovis CC. I've seen that mentioned several times here and on the pre-pa group I'm in. I need to retake the upper level science courses too. This fall I'm signed up for A&P I and Micro at the local CC near me. Both are night classes. It's going to be a long fall LoL

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On 8/1/2017 at 8:40 AM, Contigo75 said:

@Dignitary was it relatively easy?

It wasn't a slam dunk A grade but if you consistently devote a few hours per week studying you'll be fine. Also don't wait until last minute to attempt to start the labs or you'll likely get a poor grade. Labs are pretty straightforward and easy. The professor is a bit nit-picky (in terms of deducting a few points here and there for assignments) but as long as you're giving your best effort and are providing enough detail you'll get a good grade. From what I remember exams are all multiple choice (around 50 questions each?) and the material comes directly from the lecture videos, powerpoint and lab notes/videos. 

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Hey all,

I just finished BioChem at UNE yesterday.

Yes, UNE is very difficult but to give them credit - it is definitely structured to the difficulty of an in-person class and you're forced to learn a lot if you want to do well. It's no easy A. I walked away with a solid B and I chose not to retake the Unit 2 exam I bombed because I was afraid my grade would drop to a B-. You have the option of retaking 1 of the 2 proctored exams.

That being said, you have to really master the material to get an A. The professor I had was very helpful (Dr. Doug Spicer), so I recommend him if anyone is looking to take this class. 

Looking in to taking Genetics at MCC next. Any more questions about Biochem at UNE, let me know.

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Hi all,

I was recently accepted into a PA program and need to take a genetics course before matriculating next July. I'd really like to just take genetics online in the spring instead of commuting to class...does anyone have any experience with UC Berkeley Extension? It's the only class I would be taking and can dedicate a fair amount of time to it. Any opinions? The specific class is MCELLBIX 143. Thanks for the help!



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Pharmacology at UC San Diego Extension


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On 1/2/2018 at 2:26 PM, christopherande.09 said:

I saw one fairly recent post about the difficulty of Biochemistry online through UNE. I wanted to see if there was anyone else that has taken it sometime in the past 6 months who can offer so input as to the difficulty and their overall experience. 


Thanks in advance!

Just saw your post! I actually took BIochem at UNE in September and finished right before Christmas (I was not going to study over the holiday). So I actually finished the course 3 weeks early and got and A...barely! I think I literally danced in my living room when I saw my grade lol! I am extremely studious and have very good grades and I had to work very hard for that A. Granted, I am working full time and volunteering so that added to the difficulty, but make no mistake the subject matter is dense. Now let me ease your fears, I did not find it as difficult/impossible as some people do, but on top of work I was putting in 2-3 hours a day and most of my sat/sun. I did take some breaks but overall I just wanted to finish. The tests can be detailed, but study the videos and the weekly tests and it should help. I started by going through the objectives like a lot of people recommended but I could not always figure out what fell under what objective so by Unit 3, I had completely stopped doing that and just learned what she taught as well as I could. I also used outside sources (a lot of Khan Academy) to help supplement because I found her lectures extremely boring and very difficult to sit through. Overall, the subject matter gets easier after Unit 1, but the tests got a bit harder and more detailed, and there aren't a ton of questions on the exams so if you miss 5 your grade drops lower than you'd want. Also, the later units feed a lot on unit 1 material, so I think my ability at the end was based on the fact I had drilled Unit 1 into my head and understood the basics!  But you can do it!! Hope this helps!

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Has anyone recently taken Genetics at either Metropolitan Community College, Central Michigan, or University of Phoenix! I need to take genetics ASAP as I have to have it complete to apply to my top school. I wanted to have my app in early May, but the MCC course is over at the end of May. The issue I have is MCC is literally over $800 less than CMU or UoP so would finishing in late May really hurt my app? Any thoughts on that or info about those course would be appreciated!!

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On 7/15/2008 at 10:55 PM, just_me said:

Ok....so there are a TON of threads about online courses. I was hoping we could make this thread a sticky and it could become a one stop source for those looking for certain online courses. I think to make it easy for everyone, if we could just stick with the main pre-req courses like medical terminology, bio chemistry, organic chemistry, pathophysiology, genetics ect. it would be great. Also if anyone knows where to find recommended courses online like histology, virology, endocrinology, immunology ect. that would be great too.

It’s also important to note that ANYONE seeking to take online versions of their pre-req courses should first contact the programs that they are interested in as some might not accept this type of credit. They should also be aware that a lb component may be needed and might not be offered online.


Now that I have said that, I have run into A LOT of these courses online. The first place I would like to post is Chemeketa. They offer bio, a&p, micor, chem., organic I and an organi/biochem intro course online. I thought they were cool because if you register as a completely online student you pay instate tuition.


Indian River State College offers chem. I and II and bio I and II online no lab and I think some of the other pre-reqs


Brevard CC offers a intro to organic online and I think a&p and micro online


St Petersburg College offers micro and a&p I and II online


University of Florida has a grad level biochem http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/teach/guyweb/bch5045/index.html

And they have a undergrad biochem


Empire State has a genetics course and a Spanish for health care professionals


St Josephs has virology, genetics, immunology and cell biology and just in the psring....could have more


Kansas State University has genetics and biochemistry...didnt search for others


University of south Florida has general chem. I no lab and intro to biochem online


Oregon State University has bio chem., chem., organic, genetics and some other courses


Eastern Oregon university has human bio and organic chem.


The University of Oklahoma has organic and general chem.


BYU has a genetics course


Fullerton College has a genetics course


UC Berkeley has a biochem and I think other courses


Palo Alto College


are all these schools accredited?

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I would like to add one more school to the list:  North Central Missouri College. 

I personally teach the following online courses online (and offer them on-ground or in hybrid format too):  Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry 1 and 2, Organic Chemistry 1 and 2, Introduction to Physics, College Physics 1 and 2, General Physics 1 and 2, and Introduction to Physical Science.  I make all of the courses available each term and I can offer flexible start dates.  

My courses utilize the collaborative approach in which the quizzes/tests/final are open-book, open-notes, open internet, no time limit, and students are encouraged to work together and to consult others such as tutors, teachers, etc.  All students (and especially non-traditional students) are welcomed.  The feedback that I hear from students is that they learn the material better, get higher grades, and retain the material longer as compared to the traditional closed book, closed notes approach.  

North Central Missouri College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (the regional accrediting arm of the Department of Education) and the Missouri Department of Education.  My courses are guaranteed to transfer in the MOTR Core 42 consortium.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.  

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I am currently taking General Chemistry I through UNE and I will need General Chemistry II before August 23rd. I would rather not take it through UNE, I am concerned I will not finish the class in time. I was looking for alternatives for a 8 week course that did not require proctored exams, there is enough stress with the material, the added stress of being watched on top of not being able to use any notes is daunting to me.  I have been looking on the North Central Missouri college website but seems to be a little confusing to me. Would I have to apply to the college to take 1 class?

Any help would be appreciated.

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17 hours ago, Hallo said:

I am currently taking General Chemistry I through UNE and I will need General Chemistry II before August 23rd. I would rather not take it through UNE, I am concerned I will not finish the class in time. I was looking for alternatives for a 8 week course that did not require proctored exams, there is enough stress with the material, the added stress of being watched on top of not being able to use any notes is daunting to me.  I have been looking on the North Central Missouri college website but seems to be a little confusing to me. Would I have to apply to the college to take 1 class?

Any help would be appreciated.

Applying to North Central Missouri College just means filling out a couple of online forms (i.e., name, mailing address, etc.)  I do not believe there is an application fee.  

Please feel free to contact me (jgrell@mail.ncmissouri.edu) and I will be glad to answer your questions.  



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