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Oklahoma Tulsa and OKC PA Program

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My name is John and I applied to Oklahoma Tulsa and Oklahoma City PA this year.  I was wondering how long after they review your application it takes for them to tell you if you get an interview.  Has anyone had an interview there and could you explain your experience?  Any advice is great!


Thanks so much

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Although this is my first year to apply, I have a friend in the program that started this cycle. I was lucky enough to experience the process through him las summer/fall. Apps get submitted by Oct1, Interview invites get sent out end of Nov, Interviews are held in very early Jan, and then you can be notified same day or within a week if you have been accepted. 


Hope that gives you an idea of the process. Oh, and they don't engage in "rolling" so they wait until all apps are in before selecting for interviews. 



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