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I hope you two unknowingly become Big/Little's. I can see the start of something wonderful.

Got my interview offer yesterday morning, I'm scheduled for Monday 8/4! Good luck to everyone who is applying, can't wait to meet some of you on interview day!

Received an email notification that they are reviewing my application. I tried to create an account, but i crashed on me...

I received a letter from MWU saying that I was on the waiting list for an interview. I recently got an email from them offering an interview. I am heading down to AZ on Feb 21st, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for the interview process or how the day is set up? Congrats to everyone who has gotten accepted so far!

Congrats on your interview invite!


The interview day started early morning around 7:30 and they have snacks and coffee for us to chat with current students until the program director comes and gives us a brief presentation. Then the interview with faculty members which lasted about an hour per session. On my day, there were two sessions and two groups per session. Each room has two faculty members and two or three applicants and it was really more like a conversation led by those typical PA interview questions that we can find online. Then after the interview there is a tour of the campus then we have lunch at the cafeteria with current students which you dont have to stay if you have to go. There were only 9 applicants on the day I went so the entire process was over around noon.


My tip for the interview is really be yourself so maybe its better that you dont overprepare the answers to the questions. Honestly some questions I had no answers to it because I was too lazy to prepare myself and do the research for good answers to typical questions and said "I dont know I havent really thought about these things but I guess blahblahblah..." but nevertheless I heard the good news after three days. I dont even have all the prerequisites yet and my GPA and GRE are all about average applicant stats. I definitely showed my sincere interest in MWU during the interview and I think thats what helped me.


Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

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I meant to say "too busy". Sorry for not reading it before submitting it. Anyway I was only trying to help answer questions.


You have no reason to apologize, you thought "too lazy" sounded hip, "I'm so awesome I can be lazy and still get in."  I am willing to bet that is usually not a winning strategy, however, it worked for you, so good for you.  I hope it continues to work for you when you're here; it's a very expensive mistake if it doesn't.

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Haha that would be quite the accomplishment. My current distraction from finals is figuring out who you are. Clues I have so far. 1. You are in my class. 2. You troll for fun. 3. Your sarcasm is hilarious. 4. You want to be distracted from studying this week as much as I do (this fourth quality eliminates approximately 2 people in our class).


All joking aside though, if futurePA89 got into the program there was definitely a good reason. Even if you felt unprepared, (I'm not sure anyone feels fully prepared when they get to the interview) you were accepted because you fit the mold. Midwestern is excellent at making good PA's. Mostly because they know how to select students who they know will make great practitioners. Good luck in your final preparations for PA school!

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heisman1979, I got my letter back in October. I was surprised I got the opportunity to interview. I have already made plans to work on improving my application with more HCE hours, certifications, and maybe a GRE retake. I guess now I'm prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best! I will find out whether or not I got in by next Monday. futurePA89 did a great job describing the interview day. Midwestern really tried to de-stress the process as much as possible. I hope you get an invite soon!

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Is the cycle closed. I never received a response (rejection/interview invite)?


I haven't heard anything either. I've contacted the school and they said I was still under the waitlisted status. I actually haven't received a formal rejection letter from Touro CA either but you can find out your status by contacting them. I knew I was rejected from Touro since March and they said the letters will be sent out late April early May. 

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I just received an email from them. 


Thank you for your continued interest in Midwestern University's Physician Assistant Program. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. This letter is being sent to inform you that this year's interview cycle has concluded and the program will no longer interview any applicants.


Should you choose to reapply next cycle, please continue to strengthen all aspects of your application and be sure to apply early. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at admissaz@midwestern.edu or by calling (888) 247-9277.


We appreciate your interest in Midwestern University and we wish you well in your quest for further medical education.



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