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I hope you two unknowingly become Big/Little's. I can see the start of something wonderful.

Got my interview offer yesterday morning, I'm scheduled for Monday 8/4! Good luck to everyone who is applying, can't wait to meet some of you on interview day!

Received an email notification that they are reviewing my application. I tried to create an account, but i crashed on me...

I got invited to interview as well by email today! I plan to sign up for 9/8 due to my work schedule, but am wondering if I should try to get someone to cover for me so I can interview during one of the August dates? I'm probably just being paranoid that they will fill up a lot of spaces by then, lol. 

I'm also from out-of-state so it would be less stressful for me if I had more time to organize my travel plans....  Nonetheless, excited and grateful!! Good luck to everyone! 

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Just found out today I was invited for an interview!! Just so everyone knows- they will not call or email you to notify you!! They only update your midwestern MWUnet login and it will show under interview scheduling that you are able to schedule an interview. Had I not randomly decided to check it today who knows how long may have gone by before I found out I was invited for an interview. Just a heads up for others applying because I know I assumed they would call/email like most other schools do. Good luck to everyone!!

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They usually call, actually. But often times students notice first by checking their portal...(that's how I found out last year).


To those still waiting to hear, it's still very early in the process. I remember being in your shoes, but try not to worry about not hearing anything immediately. I didn't interview until later in the cycle, and I'm firmly enjoying my finals like the rest of the class of 2016.

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