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Yeah same here, got the email for secondary same day my CASPA was verified! Sent in the supp 3 days later. Haven't heard anything but they did mention first interviews expected to be 9/5 so I hope we hear something soon! Unless others have already heard??

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I also received my secondary application the day after submitting my application.  I haven't heard anything regarding an interview at this point, but I did email Marcia Murphy at Harding regarding the time at which they send invitations.  She said that they try to send out invites at least 8 weeks prior to each scheduled interview date, the first of which is September 5. This coming Friday will be 8 weeks, so I am watching my email anxiously.  Good luck to all of you, and please let me know if you hear anything.



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Thanks for the notification. We'll keep a lookout. Good luck!

Hey all, I just received an invitation for their September 5th interviews today, but it was in my SPAM folder so be on the look out.  I think it's time to check SPAM everyday from now on


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I haven't yet. I submitted my supplemental on 7/8. I know on their website there are 3 interview dates. I assume they go through applications on a rolling basis so maybe people offered interviews so far were verified before us. Mine was verified 6/24 and I submitted the supplemental on 7/8.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and also applying here this cycle as well. For those that have received interviews would you mind sharing your stats? GPA, GRE scores, health care hours and such? I would just like to gauge where I stand and if I'll likely get an interview. Thank you in advance! 

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