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I am a new grad looking for work in Eastern Kentucky. After a rotation with a surgeon, I was offered a job this December and am now graduating. He is the only practicing surgeon in our county and is looking to hire a midlevel to help lighten the load- he and staff have never had a PA/NP before. He sees my first year or two as a learning experience and expects to work closely with me; I will have 3 days a week in the clinic and 2 surgery days. He said he expects to treat me as a resident during this time. He would like to split call between us equally. A large company owns our hospital and has extended me this offer


Salaried position at $38.61/hr (around 80,300 annual)

No incentives for taking call

Option to pay into dental, vision and health insurance (around $80 total from what I can see)

No ear marked CME (HR said I have to ask my clinical manager and see how much they will contribute)

PTO includes holidays, but they have not provided more info this

401(k) with matching for first 1% and match half of next 5%

* no contract has been offered- HR said they only contract "providers" not midlevels

 No word on liability or licensing fees


I was hoping to recieve some help from this awesome community on how to proceed. I LOVE this office and the hospital staff and genuinely want to take the offer, but I also want to be fairly compensated for my work. During my rotation I was working around 65 hrs/week so this offer seems a little low if I am to continue working in a similar fashion. All of my classmates have been recieving contracts, it seems a little odd to me not to- I feel really uncomfortable working without that safety net. Any words of wisdom or advice on how to make this work would be excellent.


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first off you need to NEVER describe yourself as a midlevel unless you want midlevel pay


I will not go into specifics, but this is NOT a dream job


likely long hours, for a pretty bad compensation package.....


He is looking for CHEAP labor, license and DEA #'s.....


do others want to chime in??

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Thanks so much for your prompt reply ventana! I agree that the offer is not ideal, I was merely referring to that fact that I love the staff, procedures, and patient population- that's the dream :) Do you have any suggestions about negotiating for a more fair compensation? What would you suggest as a counter offer? Is it normal for PAs in this field to not have contracts?

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Just counter everything.


It's best if you know the market in your area.


However, even if you don't, you can get close,

for example


100 k yr

3000 cme

4 wks vac

1 week sick

1 week cme time

pay all licenses

match 401k to 6 %


call pay

so and and so on

if you telegraph, meaning to ask for more than you expect,  then you can meet in the middle, ie, they offer 80k, you counter 100, you both settle for 90


grow a big ol pair of huevos, negotiate fiercely and don't be afraid to walk.


good luck

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Only "providers" eh....... that is even worse than seeing physician's assistant on a job ad.



This offer seems pretty standard from what I have seen out of Kentucky, to be honest. Even generous. I would negotiate for sure, but Kentucky is way behind the curve. Your best bet would be to move just about anywhere. May be a KY local would have better input, as I am just going off a couple of ancetdotes from this forum.


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    • By pahopeful46
      I was just offered a job as a new grad in psych at a private practice outpatient clinic in the Houston, Tx area. My hours would be 9-6 or (10-6 with no lunch break) Tuesday - Friday and a possible Saturday shift from 9-1 which I am clarifying now as to if this is set in stone or not since it was unclear. They told me I would be shadowing the first two weeks and then after that I will slowly see my own patients while consulting with the doc after each patient. They currently have one NP who they hired as a new grad and trained.
      Salary: I told them I was looking for 100k since that is the average for a new grad in Texas and they offered me this breakdown: 92k for years 1-2, 102k for years 3-4, and 113k for years 5-6. Then, a bonus set up like this: starting at 6 months, a quarterly bonus at 65% patient occupancy is a 1k bonus quarterly, at 75% patient occupancy a 1750 bonus quarterly and at 90% occupancy and greater a 3k bonus quarterly. The bonus seems okay but I have no idea how to gauge this since idk if I will even be hitting these numbers as a new grad. They told me the NP currently sees follow ups in 15 min slots or 4 an hour with a break after to chart and that new pt visits are 1 hour. They told me my follow ups would be set for 30 minutes instead of 15 since I am new.
      CME: 1500
      PTO: 7 days first year (this seems very low to me and was also not broken down into CME or sick days so now I have no idea if I even get CME days so that will be in my email back with questions)
      Malpractice coverage and 401k with 5% match effective after first year. It was also unclear if the 401k is not effective at ALL until the first year or if just the matching so I will be asking this as well. Need to ask if this includes tail coverage?
      Overall, I am happy to have a job offer but wondering if this is a good one. I would like to counter with a base salary of 96-97 possibly since a 1k bonus for three quarters in my first year would put me at the average new grad salary in Texas of 100k. Does this seem unreasonable? I also really don't like how the salary is already structured for the next 6 years and how I do not get a yearly raise to match inflation even. Is this common? What do you all think I should include in my counter? Overall, is this a good offer and would you take it as a new grad? Is it a bad idea for me to counter? Please help!! Thank you!
      Edit to add: they do not offer health insurance if this makes a difference. Thank you!
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      Hello everyone,
      I am currently in the process of applying to cardiology jobs. I'm finishing up school in NC and applying out here as well, but ideally I'd like to end up back home in the Seattle/Tacoma area after graduating.
      I do have a few leads, including an initial call with a recruiter for one of the larger hospital systems later this week, but I am wondering if there are any cardiology PAs here practicing in the Seattle/Tacoma area who would be willing to share any insight about salary, the different hospital systems, current job market, etc.
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      I am a new grad PA practicing for about 4 months. I work in occ med/urgent care. Without getting into specifics. A patient had and intraarticular finger fracture. I treated/ splinted conservatively and referred the patient stat to a hand specialist on the date of injury, who did not get seen until 2 months after her date of injury, due to WC insurance. The patient was unable to have surgery due to the timing of being seen by the surgeon. The patient will have permanent and stationary deficits and need future medical care for possible joint fusion. The patient is currently undergoing PT. Not only did I do a disservice to the patient as far as ensuring timely care, but the referral department did as well. How do I manage this going further? Obviously try to regain as close to normal function prior to the patients injury. I am learning from this experience when referring, especially with intraarticular fractures. I feel like this is my first error in patient care that has affected the patients condition and has directly impacted the patients quality of life and functionality. How should I proceed? Any recommendations? Not looking for validation nor looking for critique (no more than I am already giving myself). Need suggestions on how to proceed further in my attitude and semi guilt with this case. Thank you in advance. 
    • By CPPAC
      I'm a PA who's been working in Oklahoma doing general surgery and urology at the same hospital since I graduated in May 2018. I have two concerns:
      1) I finished a 1-year contract and resigned for a 3-year contract which bases my annual bonus off of RVUs (very low 1520). I recently finished the first year of this contract and I've been told the hospital doesn't know how many RVUs I've accumulated because they don't know how to calculate my RVUs from surgery. Apparently, they have always had this issue with RVU calculations for PAs (there is only one other PA working in ortho at this hospital) and they've been "working to figure it out" , but I've been asking for my productivity for about two years and have yet to get ANYTHING useful. In fact, I have been stood-up twice by the clinic manager for scheduled meetings to discuss productivity.
      2) As I mentioned, recently finished off the first year of that contract. I requested an annual review and the clinic manager completely ignored that portion of my email. Seems completely unprofessional to not perform reviews. Convinced my first job at a bowling alley was more professional than this.
      Wondering if this kind of thing is normal or just a lazy clinic manager...and maybe any legal advice regarding them giving me a contract with a metric that they have admitted they don't know how to measure. Thanks in advance.
    • By soccerfanatic14
      I'm a new grad PA (started the program right out of high school) who just received a job offer for a hospitalist position with the details here:
      40 hour week. Five 8 hr shifts a week. Overnight from Sun- Thurs 11pm-7am.   $85,000 base pay $15,000 for overnight annual bonus. Would be taken away if I switched to days.   4 weeks PTO 1 sick week 1 week CME and $1500 Paid DEA liscense.  
      I'm curious if I should ask for more base pay.  Any opinions?  Thanks! 
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