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start 2015 (class of 2017)

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Hi guys!

Since I'm working on my application now, I thought I'd start a thread. Where are y'all on your applications, and when are you hoping to get them submitted by? Who are you getting your LORs from? How are your grades/GRE scores/clinical hours? And the question I'm probably most interested in: Why did you pick Wake Forest to apply to?

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Hey applying as well. Turned in all my apps (May 28) but I have a few supplementals here and there. My LOR are from one PA I shadowed and who mentored me through this whole becoming a PA, another from a doctor who was also my university academic advisor, and the third from a doctor in my clinic that I now work as a medical assistant at.


Age: 24

Grades: 3.6

Science: 3.4

GRE: Q - 153 V - 153 A - 5.5

Clinical hours: about 2,100


I fall on the low end of a lot of average class stats so I applied to a lot of schools.


PS for those that have applied: are you weirded out by the notifications that the download process for the program is facing technical issues? I emailed them about this today and whether it would affect any benefit of applying early.

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I also applied to WF. LOR: professor, previous boss and current nursing supervisor


GPA: 3.7

Science: 3.4 ish

GRE- Q=156, V-159, A-5.5

Clinical hours- 1100 direct, ~1500 indirect

I find the notifications to be quite strange, especially considering how other programs have downloaded my application, no problem. I didn't think about how it would affect the benefit of applying early...let us know if you receive a response/what they say!

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The first round of supplementals were sent out July 3rd due to CASPA issues. I'm thinking that most people that were verified before that time received their supplemental on July 3rd, regardless of whether they were verified early May or late June

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