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I got an interview for October 7th! Anyone else??

Interviewed on 10/30--Received an acceptance e-mail around 1130 this afternoon! Took me a couple of reads and self pinches to make sure it wasn't a dream. Can't wait to head to the East Coast in Augus

How did you hear and when were you contacted?     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Not getting in by December 31 doesn't make sense when interviews are scheduled into January. I know interviews are scheduled into mid-January and possibly beyond that.

I guess what I mean to say was if I don't hear anything back by the end of this month about an interview does that mean all the interview spots are done being offered?

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I submitted my application before the early deadline and received an interview invite for Jan 26th yesterday! I plan to go down Saturday afternoon (24th) and take two days to enojy the area (never been to NC). I'm coming from Boston, so anyone else who is interviewing that day and in the area feel free to message me and we can try and get together. Look forward to meeting you guys!

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Those who have received interview invitations, would you mind sharing your healthcare experience (what type and hours/months)?


I had almost 3,000 hours with those being a combination of Physical Therapy Aide, Clinical Research Supervisor and some volunteer/internship experience...best of luck!

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