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Dietetic Technician to PA

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Hello!  I found this forum - I am very interested in becoming a PA in order to help people medically.  I've always been interested in healthcare.  When I first started college way back when ( :-) ), I thought I wanted to become a dentist, but I decided I didn't want to just be in people's mouths all day.


I graduated a couple of years ago with a BS in Food and Nutrition on the dietetics track.  My goal was to become a RD, but unfortunately my grades weren't high enough to apply for an internship.  I tried to increase my chances by taking the exam to become a dietetic technician, which I passed several months ago, but I'm having a had time finding clinical work in this part of the country (New England). 


Plus, I thought about trying again by applying to grad school for next year, but I did more research and realized that dietitians don't make enough for the education they go through.  I did know that while I was in school, but I was hoping maybe things would change, but from what I researched, not much has.  I want more.


Even though I love nutrition dietetics, and the clinical aspect of it, I want to have a more "hands-on" experience, and honestly, to practice medicine too.


I currently work as a diet tech at a hospital, but I'm looking to do more volunteer work to get that clinical experience, which where I work doesn't allow.  We only take food orders and correct them based on diet orders.  Only clinican dietitians and interns do all the clinical work.  The most patient contact I have is when I visit them in their rooms to place their orders.  And I love to do that!!  Much more than just placing their meals over the phone (which I do about 75% of the time).  And I love being on the floors with all the nurses, MDs, and those who come in, even though I have limited interaction with them.


My question is this: should I go ahead and get a MS and RD, then work on applying to PA school, or should I get the experience I need and apply to PA schools?  I know I have to take science courses over anyway, because some of them are below a B, and some of them are too old (>10years).  Also, would being a dietetic technician count towards HCE (after getting the experience)? 


I'm really sure about doing this; I took these past couple of years after college to get myself together and really dig deep on what I wanted to do!  Plus, passing the dietetic technician exam helped me to improve my study skills, and I brushed up on A&P, Medical Nutrition Therapy (which I loved), and other topics.  I still want to somehow combine my nutrition knowledge with medicine.


Plus, the specialty areas I'm interested in include allergy&immunology (working with patients w/ food allergies), gastroenterology, and endocrinology.


I'm a black female, single right now, and very determined!!!!  I just need more help :-)

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