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Hello everyone,


I just got a job offer working with otolaryngologist who is also a cosmetic surgeon. 75% cases will be ENT related and 25% cosmetic.

This is completely new as I am currently in rehab medicine. Since I have little kids I needed a part-time position (30 hours/week). THis practice is about 1 year old and I am their new and only PA.  Physician wants me to be extension of him and very independent...wants me to run the ENT department for him....So here it is....


$58/hour   for minimum of 30 hours/week ( they are willing to work with me regarding days to cooperate with my nanny :)  )

CME allowence....don't know how much yet, but if it is ENT related only

license renewal/DME renewal paid

Don't need health benefits---have it through my spouse

401K not offered yet, new practice

Bonus productivity--not yet, they asked me to help them grow and will re-visit this in the future

Malpractice covered--shared limits    1/3 million   with no tail



Advice, comments.....  much appreciated :)

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Almost 90,000 a year for a 30/hr a week job and ENT is a new field for you. The benefits seem ok .....  they save big bucks avoiding the health insurance depending on region that could cost up to 6-7k for an individual ... what about 1-2 paid weeks vacation ? If you help them build a lucrative practice when your child is older and you have patient loyalty in a few years you could request the big bucks. If the practice and physician seemed high quality I would do it.

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I agree with socialmedicine. I think this is a good opportunity but would ask for at least one week paid vacay and a 5 days for CME. How are you comfortwise with ENT and Surgery?


Oh and 58/hr x 30 hr weeks for 52 weeks is $90,480! That's about how much a FT job would be.

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Since 30 hrs/week is considered part-time, vacations/holidays are not paid :(

I have had exposure to surgery in the past and like it. ENT is something totally different, but this is more of a procedural position, which I like :)

I think this position has a lot of opportunities for growth, which is intriguing. 


Thank you for your comments. It is comforting to hear what you're thinking, from someone else.

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