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After I graduate and pass the PANCE, I will be staying in my current location (in the NE) for 6-8 months.  Then my husband and I plan to move back to the midwest where both of our families are located.  


My question for all of you is: what sort of job should I be looking for for this short period of time especially as a new grad?  I assume I cannot simply negotiate a normal contract and then leave 7 months later.  I would prefer to work in the outpatient setting but would also be willing to do ED or internal medicine/hospitalist.   Can a new grad do locum tenens? 

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Guest Paula

Why are you waiting 6-8 months to move after you pass the PANCE? Do you know where you will be moving?   Start your job hunt in the midwest where you plan on moving and if you land a job, move there by yourself  until your husband can join you (if that is the reason you can't move immediately).


Another option is to look for a position where a PA is on maternity or Family Medical Leave.  A family practice situation would be the best place to fill-in as long as you are equipped to handle most things.   of course.....you need to find a PA soon to deliver........

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We were going to stay in NE until my husband could receive his 3 year bonus.  The rent and cost of living are so high in the NE, I am not sure we could manage paying the bills in two locations.  


Given the above advice, it might be better to forego the 3 year bonus and just start working in the Midwest sooner.  

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i think starting at a larger hospital system and working there till you are ready to move on is certainly a feasible idea. I know several new grads who have moved within 6months to a year after starting their first job, and this kind of stuff happens. Working for a larger system will make it easier on them as well compared to a solo practice. 

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Hi, i just want to restart this thread again.

I actually just got an offer for a temporary position after i had an interview as a new grad. I did the interview for a full time position but they chose someone else (probably with more experience). However, they mentioned that they would offer me a temporary position because someone is going on maternity leave. No health benefits provided but pay would be splendid. No chance that it could lead to something permanent.

The practice would have been perfect for a new grad. Great training environment. My interview experience was amazing. 

I am debating if i should take it or not. I rarely see new job postings for the specialty that i am interested in.


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