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"Physician's Assistants"

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The employment criteria and modus for an organization I'm considering working for, lists the ad for "Physician's Assistants" and states that they "conduct patient evaluations and physical examinations, present conclusions to physicians, confirm patient problems and participate in the performance of the necessary diagnostic maneuvers."


Should I care about the apostrophe? What about the "present conclusions to physicians" bit? Should I be thinking that's good or not so good, as a new grad? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. When I interviewed at the clinic, I met the office manager (she's been there 15 years, give or take). When I said, "I look forward to your input and direction", she said, "oh, you'll be getting plenty of that". Okay, maybe I shouldn't read too much into her words ... she does know the system there a lot better than me, obviously, I guess it just sounded strange to me.


I did meet one PA as he was going to his car, he's been there 11 years or so, but I didn't really have a chance to speak with him. I also met another PA who has worked there for 1.5 years, she came on there as a new grad. She seemed to indicate satisfaction, and the techs handed her an EKG to read while we were speaking (I diagnosed it as afib, which she got a kick out of).


It's my first job, and it's a NHSC site. Meaning, it's a 2 year commitment so I'm wary of signing up somewhere that I'll be miserable. I was thinking of asking for a phone interview with their Medical Director and one of the PAs, so that I can get some one-on-one regarding what it would actually be like working there. Would that be out of line?


I was told that one PA didn't work out because she 'had to take every single case to the Doctors', which made me think that maybe they don't actually see PA's as MA's, which is my fear. I'm just wary.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. That damn apostrophe tho, you'd think they'd know by now to get it right ...

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Speaking as someone who got burned by a NHSC site, I may be too wary of red flags but... Why wouldn't the experienced PA speak to you in the parking lot? Why "present conclusions" and not "diagnose"? The wording of the whole job description sounds off, including the apostrophe. Why didn't you meet the Medical Director on your interview? It sounds like you didn't have a chance to speak privately with the PAs who work there. Why not?


What's the relationship between the MAs and PAs? The PAs and SP? Both say a lot about office culture.


Before you make a decision, try to go back, shadow for a while, and meet the people you'll be working with. Some of the NHSC sites are known to use and abuse clinicians and are only taking new students on through NHSC because no one in their area will work there. I'm not saying that all sites are like this, but they are out there. The office managers try to make the hard to fill jobs sound attractive but, like you said, 2 years is a long time. Good luck in your job hunt!

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Heme- you definitely need to speak to that other PA.

When I first had to hire for my current practice several yrs ago, I wrote up a job description and submitted it to HR. They then wrote up their OWN, with terrible word choices just like the one you describe. They even listed the job (a CTS PA for critical care and OR) as "procedural PA" (?!?!?!??!?)


There can be a big disconnect between the clinical side and the admin/management.

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