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Phone call-backs

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Okay, please forgive me for littering the board with such an insipid thread, but something is driving me batty.


How long is acceptable for someone to call you back? Case in point, I'm a new grad who has a tentative offer of employment, about which I wish to discuss a few details. I called last Thursday, today is Monday. I called again today, and still have yet to get a call back.


Are people really that busy? Am I completely lacking in patience? I'm the kind of person who answers calls and emails immediately (i.e., the same day or certainly the day after, and that would only be after one serious gruel of a day) ... but do I need to take a chill pill? How many days do you give someone before you start feeling 'ruded'? Am I just being sensitive?

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wow loaded question


would not surprise me to have it be up to a week - and even that might be variable.


My practice is putting in an EMR and I was hired about 6 months ago when they were making final decisions - well I was not overly important compared to the HUGE $$$ they were spending on a EMR/PM system so it would be sometimes a week for them to get back in touch with me. The pracitce manager was just busy......


Patience - drop them a note once a week to remind them you are there - but times are strange right now and just be patient.....

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