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Review, active vs passive

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I found it interesting at Impact 2014 Boston that there were numerous vendors focusing on preparation for certification and recertification. Some vendors also were pursuing a subset of this, offering products focusing on the CAQ exams. These products were offered in both digital and print forms along with conferences. Some offer CME including SA CME. It seemed like there was a lot of money that could be spent but only individual perspective on what actually translated into a passing score or an improved score ie this worked great for me!!.


Nothing available concerning useful practical knowledge retention. There are guarantees but the guarantee is not that you will pass but that you will get your money back if you fail. No one wants to offer a lifetime income if I fail after using the product to pass? Seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. No guarantee 10 months after the exam one will still retain a certain % of knowledge?


I found this file during a search, thought it made interesting reading. I welcome comments and thoughts on this or it may just contribute to an aha moment.




I have also attached the file.

The Effects of an Interactive Learning System on PANCE Performance.pdf



George Brothers PA-C


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gbrothers98, I personally wanted to thank you I just found out yesterday that I passed my boards, when I took my boards last year in May I was not able to pass and based on my calculations missed it by 12 question and of course like anyone who did not pass I felt defeated and devastated. I am one of those PA's who lurks around the forum reading post and seeking advice, which leads me to this thread, this single post alone did helped me alot and even thou I personally do not know you, I find most of your post valuable, I then read article which helps me formulate my strategy.


After figuring out what I was doing wrong I ended up signing up for the H.E.L.P (Hancock Educational Learning System), keeping what I have read in the article you posted in mind I then studied for 7 months for about 8-12 hours a day ( but I take lots of breaks in between) , then took the test on Jan 24th, the test itself was very hard, harder than the previous one, the test writers did a great Job in making a simple clinical case scenario lengthy and difficult and not to mention we as test takers are in a time constraint,  but after practicing my test taking skills (I approximately did 7,000 or so questions in the 7 month period) I was able to pass and for me not thanking you is considered a sin of omission.

again thanks.

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I have a saying on my desktop:


We are the product of thousands of generations of problem solvers.

That's what we do. That's what we're hardwired to do.

So do what you have to do.

Solve your problem.


Congratulations on solving your problem.


I like that. I have also seen " if there is only one choice it is the right choice". In this situation it is pass pance or don't work as a pa. passing is the right choice...

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