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SICU PA Position vs Critical Care Residency

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I'm in a dream situation but I'm stuck and would like to consult the sages on this forum for their advice. After much deliberation and reading the pro's and con's of residencies programs. I applied to a critical care residency program earlier this year and even got past the interview component earlier this week. I was informed that they will not make their decision known until later this summer, HOWEVER as faith would have it ,a SICU position I applied for opened up and is highly considering me.


My question is I was curious should I just take the job and have good faith I will learn on the job? or hold my breath for the residency program. BTW I'm 4 years out as a PA with exp. in internal medicine/emergency medicine.


I don't want to sulk 10-20 years down the line that I didn't do the critical care residency, however 100% of the senior PA's I ask (all varied from either critical care/Surgery/SICU background had informed me just take the SICU job. 


One more thing,  I need more procedures under my belt, and since I'm not familiar with PA's in the SICU setting. I wanted to know if newly hired SICU PA's whether or not it's an uphill struggle to get any procedures done or learn on the job. I know PA's from the older generation had  1:1 supervision with the intensivist and were spoon fed but it seems like that style of teaching has fallen out of favor.....which was why I thought about the residency route in the first place...


I just need a wider array of responses and wanted to see if the folks her have any tips or suggestion for my dilemma ?

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Do the residency. You didn't say which program it is but if they are established and have a good didactic and skills training program, it will benefit you many fold.

Disclosure- I did a residency (Montefiore) and am a big proponent.


Not sure if the programs have changed much but I was putting in 8o hrs/wk and on call q3 days. You learn alot from relentless exposure to that many patients.

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