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need advice about including loss of a job in personal statement

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Hi everyone,


This is the first time I've used this forum and I've just begun to write my personal essay. I could really use some advice!


I was working in a psychiatric hospital for two years and I was fired from this position. I worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit as a generalized therapist, running group therapy sessions, monitoring patient vitals and helping with some things such as feeding tubes and blood draws. This job experience is the bulk of my patient care hours for the application.


While a patient was on constant observation by me (at the time) she needed something fixed by me which required scissors. I fixed it and was called out of the room for an emergency. She later used those scissors, which I had forgotten, to damage medical equipment she needed. Thankfully she nor anyone else was hurt. I was asked to write a statement for HR, which I did and was truthful. HR decided they would have to let me go due to this mistake. My supervisor did not want to fire me and is even a reference on my CASPA application.


I am looking for some advice on how to approach this in my personal statement. Or if it should be approached at all in something such as my statement, as it might be better to leave it dealt with somewhere such as the interview. I am not afraid to talk about the subject in an interview or on my personal statement. I'm just wondering if bringing it up in my statement would be advisable or discouraging. 


Any thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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I once read, "your personal statement should be personal BUT not too personal". Unless your former supervisor is going to bring it up in your LOR, I don't see the point. You wouldn't tell your future employer that you forgot the scissors in a patient's room, now would you? I hope not :D. 

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