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Elon University

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I'm interviewing on the 21st as well (my CASPA was verified Aug 2nd). I'm coming in from Connecticut, so I'm debating driving down vs flying in. I have some friends-of-friends in the area that I'll be contacting for advice, but do any of you have opinions on the matter? Looking forward to it! 

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Exactly.  I figure I already paid for my application to go there, what's the point of turning down the waitlist

It's probable that you might get in to a school after being given an interview and then waitlisted, but the probably of scoring a spot when put on an interview waitlist is slim to none. I have found that most schools will interview applicants in the range of 3 to 4 times the number of seats they have available. I.e. 40 seats, 120-160 interviews given. With those numbers, most spots will be filled from the original interview candidates.  Good luck anyways.

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